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09 August 2004 @ 12:53 am
decisions to be made  
i don't know whether to do discourse structure or psycholinguistics.

  • discourse structure should ensure saturdays and alternate tuesdays free while psycholinguistics would probably mean i get both days completely off.

  • discourse structure has only ten year two students at the moment while psycholinguistics currently has about twenty-odd peeps my level enrolled.

  • both have open-book exams; discourse structure's earlier while psycholinguistic's later.

  • discourse structure would mean i've gotta wake early every wednesday morning while psycholinguistic means i'll only end school at six in the evening on thursdays.

  • discourse structure equals very short tuesdays and fridays but technically a five-day week while psycholinguistics translates into very short fridays and alternate wednesdays and a four-day week which i can boast about but a very long thursday.

  • discourse structure seems to be about studying and analysing texts and lotsa texts (in the traditional sense of that word), which i don't extremely mind. and i'm guessing psycholinguistic's about the mind and language, which includes language development in kids and impairment, which sounds interesting, but which i may not be so good at... but i like kids; actually, i think i like helping young kids with learning problems at school (if their parents don't pressure me, that is) though i may not necessarily be fantastic at that. and if it can throw some light on how i can help my little tutee improve on his seemingly rather warped sense of the english language...

i suddenly find myself leaning towards psycholinguistic. thanks. :p

but then again, it all depends on whether or not vacancies are still available for bidding, and how much i'm actually willing to pay for my sixth module, which i'm only bidding for with the mentality of dropping it later if it gets too dry.

okay, sleepy, goodnight. (yes, i meant that to be abrupt)

ps: there's been too many coincidences in church these past three days to be regarded as coincidences. super amazed, tell more maybe tomorrow.
Mood: contemplative
Music: the contemporary version of 'it is well with my soul'