yesterday we went night safari. took the tram twice, did all the trails, and saw many animals. but had to miss the creatures of the night show because all the slots were fully booked far ahead of time, so annoying. even more annoying were the screaming kids with their flashlights and epilepsy-inducing flashing shoes. after i reached home, i felt bloated, headached and a bit sick. then i went to bed before 1am (very unusual for me), and luckily woke up today feeling fine. what should i spend my discover vouchers on?

over the past week, i caught snippets of two other kfantasy dramas, tale of the nine-tailed and goblin. they were very boring and put me to sleep. out of desperation, i started to watch korean odyssey again lol. really can't wait for next month to roll around.


a korean addiction

had a very busy week managing an intense onset of kdrama addiction in between everything else and sudden urgent assignments. the result of my not being able to curb the need to watch the show is i end up having to work through the night so that deadlines are met. it didn't help that there was a half-day power outage at my parents' place due to workers changing the block's electrical cables... so mid-week, instead of working as i was supposed to (since no power, cannot switch on the computers), i went over to my place and nua-ed the whole day watching the drama instead, fml. then at night went home, watched somemore until 1am, then until really bopian liao then started writing my covid piece and putting together the graphic. filed at 7am, went to bed, then woke up again at 2pm to see it through to print. and now i'm terribly behind time in scripting two podcasts based on not-very-put-together raw copies with a bunch of queries. but all i really want to do is to watch korean odyssey. sighz.

p.s. for my efforts this week, i gained three more days off in lieu, so not that bad la. got a few private emails of high praise from higher ups, so also good. meanwhile, getting fatter by the day, although backaches are getting a tad better with >10km walks twice a week. and now, i also want to marry 孙悟空, lol.


highly recommend 我们唱着的歌

just watched on netflix, six years late, a very moving local documentary - 我们唱着的歌 the songs we sang. i actually started the show only to have something playing in the background as i surfed the net, but then ended up so drawn to it as the programme progressed that i totally set aside my phone and sat through the whole two hours.Collapse )


man, this coming week's story blurbs has me feeling like i'm writing some mills & boon novel, fml. i guess all that julie garwood romance rubbish in my sec school days finally paid off, lol.

meanwhile, one of the worst feelings in the first-world world barring major disasters and health crises, has got to be nursing an angry mouth ulcer for days that's preventing you from eating and drinking or even speaking properly. i'm like starving to death and have been reduced to eating bread (thankfully, bonjour bread with choc chips and raisins, hehe), cos everything else i eat is like freaking painful. the ulcer is under the right side of my tongue, and unfortunately i also have one sharp molar that keeps poking into it. wish i could just file down my teeth, gah. please, may my ulcer go away and not come back for at least another year.

p.s: most interestingly, i just discovered that the last time i blogged about my last ulcer here was on march 20, 2020. the good thing is this suggests that my once-regular ulcer problem in singapore is perhaps hitting me only once a year now. the other thing is, how come so qiao very almost exactly a year ago? luckily i still managed to have a great ribeye steak on my birthday before it started hurting so badly. oh, and also bought new home clothes on my bday, cos you know how now don't need to buy work clothes anymore, but all my overused home clothes are now disintegrating? lolz


best thing about wfh is the freedom to hold a jay chou youtube concert at will in front of my desk and sing loudly along and wave and sway and headbop to the music, all while doing work.

看著那白色的蜻蜓 在空中忘了前進
還能不能 重新編織 腦海中起毛球的記憶
再說我愛你 可能雨也不會停
黑色毛衣 藏在哪裡 就讓回憶永遠停在那裡
(p.s. 那黑色毛衣 has long been vaccuum-packed and lying in the wardrobe since jan 2020. )

went stand-up paddling again right before the storm hit yesterday. sea was choppy but we were incredibly lucky cos it started pouring heavily right after we got home! i especially liked how we could just get out of the water, throw on some clothes and arrive home all in under 20min. super gmh. but didn't suffer any muscleaches today, so i suspect we actually didn't really exercise at all, which is a minor fml. maybe next time should kayak instead. or pole dancing, loollol.

my dad got his first jab this week. mum and sis next week. talk has it that newsroom might get ours next month, so that i won't have to be the only member in my family left unvaccinated and unable to travel.

on fitness (or lack of it)

been taking some long walks lately. about 6km mid last week, 13km on saturday, and another 13km tonight. if i don’t have to entertain family friends this weekend, i should be able to clock another 13km or so then. hope this helps get my fitness back on track a bit, though there aren’t really any hills here to climb. (i mean, when i was in ireland that time, i spent entire days walking on mostly flat paths, up to 30+km a day, and lost not a single kg after that... on the contrary, years ago, after spending just three full days cycling up and down hills in taiwan, i lost 3-4kg; so my conclusion is walking on flat paths is quite useless, though i’ll still do it to prevent my muscles from wasting away i guess.)

the good news is, without much effort, it appears that i’ve suddenly miraculously regained much of the flexibility in my left inner(?) thigh, so i can kinda sit cross-legged easily again, though my left foot still can’t bend well enough to be at the bottom due to the old foot injury. upper part of foot still hurts when it comes into contact with the hard ground, sobs. i think that may have been what caused my sudden loss of flexibility that time.

the bad news is, my right lower back is always hurting/pinching now when i make sudden bends, fml. especially after walking upright for some time, super fml. that day i dropped something in a shop and had difficulty bending down to retrieve it, super super fml. if more exercise doesn’t improve the situation, i might end up seeing a(n expensive) chiropractic after all. zzz...

though my new series is keeping me really busy on practically all my days off and free time pre- and post-work, i still hope to be able to find some time to fit in more walks.

bbt of the heartlands

my brief period of "load has lightened" has ended abruptly with a bunch of disparate "urgent" tasks - one quite big and immediate - suddenly on my lap. doesn't help that i actually have social commitments or errands to run on my days off and can't devote them to secretly working my ass off at home. so i have to spend my late nights on them instead of playing sims and watching netflix and surfing internet as i'd much prefer to do.

i took the whole of next week off to settle the home re-cleaning/moving stuff, but now it turns out that i will likely be spending about/at least half of that time working after all. the good thing is, can claim back the time, of course; but the bad thing is, when will i ever get to spend them? zzz. really wish all this were generating more income for me. some of my lucky cousins actually got to encash their leave; such great company policy.

all this said, for all my complaints, at least i really like the things i'm doing now (or the things i don't enjoy are all incredibly easy), and while any kind of work will always be a drag, it's still so much less of a pain and far less emotionally and mentally damaging than in the not-so-distant past!

dining table and chairs came today, yay, lol. but suddenly the dining area looks far less spacious, sad (though the table is smaller than the one at my parents' place!). suspect it may seem cramped after the sofa arrives (dunno when); i hope it doesn't turn out to be oversized for the space. brought my piano keyboard and canvases over too, but these ones somehow seem to look undersized against the walls, fml (yet they seemed to take up too much space at my parents'). so hard to guesstimate proportions and all.

by the way, an each-a-cup opened across the road from my place! each-a-cup is long passe now but still, after so many years, it's the first bubble tea chain to open at my area... past bbt shops (that have long since shut) were always their own little businesses with highly questionable quality. can't help but notice each-a-cup expanding, as they also recently opened one at bedok interchange and another at bedok north avenue 4. the bbt brand of the heartlands. the brown sugar milk tea i had this evening was quite acceptable la.

how... i type so much here because i'm trying to avoid starting on research for my next "urgent" piece. i shall go to bed now and suffer the consequences tomorrow and over the weekend. nightz.

cny is over, sadness

cny is over. or at least the first week of it is over. ate another whole lot of crap, despite having had only two visitations, fml. dread packing and moving my things; such a pain, wish i had a month totally off work to do it. and the post-reno floor still feels quite dusty despite so many rounds of vaccuuming and mopping already! i've been finding so many little chips here and there on the wood tiles, so terrible... the saving grace is my wood-coloured permanent marker, which works wonders, and i'll just take all those chips as 不完美中的完美 ba. also oiled the main door and gate. in other news, work has been quite lax for me lately, after my declaration that i want to focus on quality over quantity. but while load has lightened, stress and burden hasn't quite, given my big pending repeatedly-delayed project. sighz. whatever lah, must just keep reminding myself that being able to produce something with many imperfections is still better than not being able to produce a perfect package. and that there are many other more important things for me to tend to in life - like myself, lol. bye and out for now.

house work is more appealing than work work

on my grand day off today, in order to avoid starting on the work i know is waiting for me, i ended up cleaning my room, changing the bedsheets, wiping down the tables and mirrors, sorting out my clothes, blending a nice new diffuser scent, applying to change my address, and even buying a new ipad casing online. (can you believe that one genuine apple ipad casing costs s$99 wtf so unacceptable i certainly didn't get mine for that ex five years ago; i ended up buying a s$13.90 one off carousell, hope it's alright.) and then i took my second bath of the day in this very chilly weather and had a good long scrub and after that diligently applied every single winnie product that she decrees i have to apply. and now i'm blogging about it just so i can delay starting for another few minutes. alright, basically i've had a very productive day today in terms of house work and am quite happy about it.