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a can of sardines

i only just managed to submit the english discussion paper due to be discussed in lecture tomorrow. tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. i've got three project/presentation group meetings tomorrow -- the lit one in the morning, the marketing one at 2pm, and the english sounds and words one at 3pm. the lit one is still okay, 'cos poems are really all just about crapping on the spot, and the english one is still okay too, 'cos thank God i found time to look through the tutorial and somewhat try out the most part of it yesterday. but the marketing one's gonna be like hell, 'cos i still haven't had the time to do the tutorial yet, and neither have i had the energy to go research on all that playdoh dabian. and here i am, still typing away on my journal, for the sake of catharsis.

early evening just now, i opened my financial accounting text, with the intention of reading through chapter three so that i will be able to complete my tutorial for thursday. i didn't even get through page one when i woke, to realise that it was nine o'clock already, and that my dad had so kindly shut down the computer for me, and that i hadn't even untied my hair before i plonked down on my pillow, and that my aunties, who had visited earlier on, were already preparing to leave. and i was so determined just now to finish chapter three by tonight! what am i to do? i think i need a private tutor for accounting...

i have to tutor my little tutee at 4pm tomorrow. 6.30pm is rina's birthday celebration; happy twentieth birthday, rina. :) i hope i make it there in one piece.

ps: sorry for having to take some more time in replying to comments and posts and stuff. :(

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