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wheeee freeee day!

this week seems oddly slack. is it that i had already done most of my work last week, or will the precious four days of my upcoming study break be crammed full of stuff to do? it takes me an entire free day to go through just less than half of an accounting tutorial... sometimes i wonder if i had made too rash a decision in applying for the minor. but when i remember that i had somehow not been allocated psycholinguistics, which i would otherwise have rather easily gotten, i believe that everything is more than a mere coincidence. i'm being watched over. i would have died with six modules. and if i would have died taking business modules, He wouldn't have allowed it. people have recently been telling me of how their friends have failed repeatedly in trying to get accepted into the minor... if i would have died, He'd never have allowed it. therefore, God is good, and God is great. yay. :)

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