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a day worth noting... after several which weren't...

the highlights of my day started with the session on youth psychology and basic counselling training at the redeemer's...... mmm hmmm... sigh... as i type my first sentence of today's entry amidst the mess of sights (tv, argh!) and sound (radio, double argh!), i'm aware that it's threatening to veer toward the dry and boring -- something i'm dreadfully fearful of; and suddenly i'm depressed, spirits dampened......

nevertheless, i shall attempt to skim across... it might end up a somewhat tacky summary, however. oh i sooo wanna update proper, but how time constrains...... *frown* (rhymes with down, sigh) yeah anyway the thing is, the youth psychology thing, i found it more or less accurate; and the counselling training more or less helpful. ok i realise this sounds super vague... like, what's "more or less" supposed to mean huh? well it was good... i found i could rather identify with the examples of the youth behaviour brought up as examples. i don't know if i was the only person there who felt this way, 'cos everyone else there was way way past their youth. but the session also made me aware of how differently *us* youth, from different school environments, react to problems and stuff. we're sorta targetting the academically not-so-performing schools' youth, so several examples of their behaviour were brought up, which i found, much differed from the typical behaviours of *mainly dhs, vj* kids (this is narrow 'cos i only attended dhs and vj, no idea how other schools really work).

dr. paul said (about the targetted schools) that once a teacher had lost his/her classes' respect (either by being excessively strict or violent or whatever), she would never be able to regain her classes' interest in her lessons anymore; and that they'd be willing to sacrifice their 'n'/'o' levels all 'cos they hated their teacher. this, i'm sure, 99.9% of the dhs, vj population wouldn't do. i seem to remember several chem. lecturers being rather lousy, the ex-math. lecturer mr. dk was an opinionated bigot etc... yet the students would find their own way through, figure things out themselves blah blah. (not that i was one of those conscientious diligent kids lah!) and in dhs, a *certain somebody* was constantly picked on by "pili pili", yet polished up on her chem. herself, either to get past the teacher or for her own sake (probably the latter). you see, do you think it's a difference in mentality? in knowing what you want and what you have to do? i'm not too sure... i just noted the difference, but i can't really place it as of yet...

ok and after that whole chunk of psychology on *myself*, i proceeded to meet the sister at tampines station control -- in which i grossly mis-estimated the mrt travel time: i arranged to meet her at 5.20pm, thinking i could reach there well on time (note: i left redeemer's, at bukit timah, at 4.50pm). i even said, "2 minutes per station what, right? aiyah sure can one lah... you so lousy, don't know all these things" i arrived at 5.40pm. how disgusting... sheesh. so we went to the tampines library, which (surprise surprise!) only closes at 9pm although it's a saturday... amazing! i only managed to find one book which interested me enough, and offered respite from long novels and stuff -- it's in short story format, i love that! it's sort of a kiddy, youthy book i guess, from the youth/teenage section. well i think it should be cheem enough... offers enough thought without bogging you down, and doesn't bind you to one story, one thick book, for too long a time. ha! realise i'm in serious fear of bondage... i only consider job offers if they don't hold too much bondage... erqing's deal was so sooo good! only 2 weeks, at mas, acceptable pay somemore... too bad they didn't receive my cv on time.

after library and after dinner at the place with the popular bookstore, which has since transformed into a food court, we headed for tampines mall where the sis spent two thousand years (not dollars) in life bookshop while i left her for times after a while. i looked around at the singapore book collection and was some sort attracted to this tan mei chung's crossing distance... i can't remember what it's supposed to be about, but it was wrapped so i couldn't really access (and assess) the book. there was this other book -- and other poems, by wong shin ming, who's supposed to be some young guy... also wrapped, no idea how it's like. think i might hafta visit the library@orchard for the 2 above-mentioned. been trying to read singaporean authors of late... they offer light thought too (something like finger food), and aren't too deep, depressing or draggy (alliteration!) coming back, my sis purchased 2 books from life, we went and got strawberry cum orange sherbet ice-cream cones downstairs and i met shaowei and zhihao (lin) as we were outside the mrt, squabbling over the ice-cream. *sheepish grin*

i leave this entry with some thought, found in the front page of a library book, by the man who's never short of a quote:

"If we could read the secret history of our enemies,
we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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