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bad, bad, disobedient girl

i am once more plagued by unpeace from my rash actions. i promised i wouldn't do this one thing, and then i went ahead and did another thing else. if you were God, wouldn't you wanna spank me, and hard? i just never learn...

on another note, i got a new handphone today, 'cos my sister lost hers, and my dad had to get a replacement phone... and my phone being the oldest in the family (i've had it for two and a half years already), i got the new phone. i'm glad it's new, but it's not very pretty, 'cos i didn't wanna run the risk of "having the same phone as who-and-who-and-who" etc. etc. etc. i also got two fillings in my teeth today after a visit to the dentist's, finally. they don't hurt, but my alveolar ridge hurts 'cos the guy wasn't exactly very gentle with me. my dad was angry and naggy for a while today after he found out that my sis had lost her phone, and i had to bear the brunt of it 'cos my sis wasn't even at home. but i guess that was still okay, still bearable.

but i'm slightly miserable now 'cos of what i did unthinkingly, again (totally unrelated to my second paragraph). i guess i deserve it, i should have known better! i'm a stupid spastic kid.
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