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i'm okay, as ever

to keep it short, after my previous (locked) entry last night, i still wasn't a hundred percent sure about 1 Timothy 2:8, 11, so, being the skeptical me, i had to go and refer to another devotional, which, yes, you might have guessed, was about -- anger. as always, it was very straight to the point, 'cos i was going something like, God, you can't be asking me to be doing this, if You are, tell me again... so, it was James 1:19-27 and Matthew 5:21-26. and at the sermon during service this morning, the pastor also touched on 1 tim 2:8 and matt 5:21-26. both my sister and i were like going, hmmm, for the various things these verses mean to us... but anyway, i didn't get the chance to express that i'm over yesterday's matter already, since the other party also didn't really seem to wanna talk to me either. :< it was just the tone of voice taken with me, which riled me; it totally wasn't the matter itself, which i was being bothered about... and i sincerely hope that that person doesn't imagine wrongly that it is. :(

sometimes i feel that for all the listening and non-judgementality that i try to offer others, i get the exact opposite of each back. that's where i start adopting the notion that shutting up is good, and journalling offers catharsis.

When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.

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