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emotions -- such subjective stuff

today, a series of really good stuff made me very happy. and no, i shall be selfish and shan't share a big half of it; it's my secret, haha. *big, big, wide, wide, hippo grin* i don't even really care if it's not really true, just never lemme find out, and i shall remain forever in blissful ignorance. :)

the other big half of the series of really good stuff that made me very happy today... God is a God who answers prayers! i know that, and am sure that He answered pastor lee's prayer for the congregation, for at least one little teeny-weeny person, and that person is...... *drumroll* ME! hahahaha, the prayer of a righteous man is indeed powerful and effective! (James 5:16)

three times in a row today, He made it possible for me to seek Him. i remember very clearly pastor lee's prayer after sermon over at the contemporary side yesterday morning... he prayed that we would find the time amidst our very busy schedules to dwell in His presence, he prayed that all obstacles that presented themselves in our ways be removed, wiped out, exterminated, and he prayed that it doesn't matter if we didn't know how exactly to go about spending more time reading His word and being with Him, that God Himself would make a way and show us how. and every single one of these things he prayed was made possible for me today! wow!

first of all, after a prolonged period of feeling spiritually rather dry and restless, searching for more engaging quiet time material like the forty-day fast from not too long ago, in the wee hours of the morning before i turned in, He led me to stumble upon an article my sister gave me some time ago, while i was tidying my worksheets after a not-very-satisfying meditation. after so many months of procrastination over that very short article, i finally got round to reading it... at the most appropriate time--when i most needed it. seriously, had i read it when i had first received it, it wouldn't have meant as much to me, 'cos of all the things that weren't happening, that're happening now. oh, and by the way, the article was about how to go about doing exactly what pastor lee prayed in the paragraph above. haha.

secondly, i was supposed to have my marketing group project meeting from 6pm onwards this evening. which means that i was actually supposed to have a two-hour break from 4-6pm, where i had originally hoped to do some qt at some secluded place in school, but was afraid that it wouldn't really be very conducive and stuff. and then my group decided to call the meeting off! so i got to take an hour and a half's bus journey home, where i had sufficient time to look out of the window and think my days through and calm my heart/mind, before i came back to a quiet peaceful room, my perfect place to go to Him.

and the third thing... halfway through, my sister returned home, promptly opened the door to our room, and switched on the computer. and i was like protesting, hey, i'm doing my qt, go outside and do your own stuff etc etc, and she went, how to? i've already switched on the computer... and guess what?! haha, the computer couldn't start up! super funny and amazing! so in the end, she simply had to go by God's will, switch the computer off again, and go outside and do her own stuff, wahahaha! not that i was mocking at her or whatever, i was just very glad that God made all these things come my way to prove His point. see, God is sooo cool!

and then after my qt and prayer and stuff, in fact, i think, actually, before i had even finished praying, i fell asleep for a few minutes before robin called to talk to me about the thailand mission trip. i'm glad he called, or i'd have slept through the night, again, sheesh. so today, basically everything went rather well, very well, in fact. yay. :)

oh yes, and i also watched 'i not stupid' in school at my singapore studies lecture, and it made me cry, which was rather embarrassing, 'cos... i mean, who cries in lecture theatres?! but i also saw a whole bunch of other people crying, and besides, it was dark as in a movie theatre, and i didn't move to wipe my tears, as always, so that nobody'd know i was tearing. i think the movie was very good, the way it addressed several social issues we face here, and the irony of a whole lot of stuff was shown very well... but these, i shall reserve for my compulsory ivle posting on the movie.

i'm grinning like i told you i was the other day. :D
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