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all that writing shit just falls on me

feel like cursing and swearing for the bloody hell of projects, deadlines, and the way they're heading. feel like forty percent of the entire report for the marketing plan's written by me; the bulk of all that writing shit falls on me and here i am still trying to churn out a one-page executive summary crap. my group consists of five people; one of whom has officially disappeared into thin air, whilst another seems super enthu about all the admin stuff which contributes to the amount of writing i hafta do. can't say that i've contributed the most to this bloody helluva project, 'cos i really haven't, but all that writing shit just falls on me and it's not like i totally love writing bloody *ing marketing crap! deadline's coming monday and i'm thinking that when i'm done with this executive summary and tidying up of the report, i'm gonna refuse to do anymore... but then, is there even anymore for me to refuse to do?

what's adding to it all is the 2151 write-up due next thursday. again, the bulk of all that writing shit has to be on me, but that's my own fault, 'cos i was extremely passive and didn't attend a couple of meetings, but then again, that's 'cos the marketing crap was * me ***. but you know what, the maximum word limit for that report's 4000 words, and right now my group has only submitted a total of less than 700 words... i don't know if there's a minimum word limit, and my head's totally empty with regard to english social variation. i could die.

and apparently my financial accounting group's meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the first half of the bloody questions we hafta do. i have totally no time for them or for the assignment. what should i do? i wish we were done with all these *ing projects and that it was already reading week and we're all just preparing for our own individual exams. i totally abhor project work, and i feel so bad towards my el2102 group, 'cos i totally didn't have time for them, and that's supposed to be my fave module.

i wish i could die. i wish i were dead. i know this is totally *ing childish but when i'm in it i can't see it okay so don't preach 'cos i'm gonna hate you. this is totally *ing childish of me. but there's so much war and violence and death and sadness in the world and in everyday life, personal tragedies happen all the time and everywhere, people are losing their parents, their siblings, their loved ones to natural disaster, sickness, abuse etc etc and people's families are in dire financial trouble and crap, and here i am, having to face these bloody school projects and whine about them.

i'm angry with everything and everyone. being dead sounds better than being here.

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