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getting ready for the new year (chinese one, this time!)

with the new year looming ahead
i round the corner
leaving my old year behind

hehe i kinda like the... whadya call it... i can't recall... it's a sorta description... we learnt it in lit. like a thousand years ago...... *shrug* today's been a pretty good day in whole... *smilez* mir geht es sehr gut! *grinz* for a start i did my german homework (haus aufgabe?) and even managed a little bit of revision. then i took a super long and wonderful bath... and now i've got nice smooth legs again! heehee. despite the heavy pouring rain i got to class right on time and i'm feeling pretty comfy and sometimes even chatty (amazing!) with my classmates now. we played a little number game (it was called 7up! in pri sch) in german which sent me into a fit of giggles whenever anyone got it wrong. yeah i probably turned all red as usual... can't be bothered anymore... everyone treats me as some small kid anyway haha! the girl in the circle beside me, lisa, she's very funny and cute; she keeps inducing me to laughter... she keeps confusing all the numbers and names and stuff... i was just wondering if the other people thought i was mean 'cos i couldn't stop giggling again when sheena said she was "aus tubingen" (from tubingen).

think i'm beginning to find it a little tough following the new stuff we're learning each lesson, hope this'll ease off pretty soon 'tho. the girl/lady/whatever beside me is smart! or simply good in german... i like her too! and guess what? i actually got full marks for the test! whoopie! hehe i seriously couldn't really believe it... i thought i had at least one confirmed wrong! hmm and after class i walked down to plaza sing for... let's call it... a moment to myself. it was fun using sister's green fake adidas bag -- i had relatively easy access to my stuff, it made me feel bouncy (very!) and even enabled me a 100m dash (fast!!!) after my 60 bus! hehe a pretty exciting day? i felt happy for finally putting my muscles into some use again, even only for a few secs... it was good. i reached home, caught the chinese serial drama, healing hands II, on time, switched the computer on feeling totally relaxed and beholden to nothing, and the parents came home from parkway with ham-and-potato (it's great! find it in four leaves!) and apple strudel...... wow, what more can one ask for? (minus good results for the a's that is *roll eyes*) ok, here's me, loving life, again. *wide, wide grin*

thank you, dear Lord Jesus, for this wonderful day i had today... grant me days as such ahead, or strength to deal with lesser-than-perfect times.

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