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this is the link to the synopsis of the mainland chinese drama series i've been catching for the sake of nick, though the episodes he had been starring in has already ended. i'm continuing 'cos i think this series is really very good, maybe 'cos i've never really watched a "china" chinese drama series before. the show itself isn't all that fantastic with a capital f, highly inspirational, or with a big oomph type of thing; i think it works somewhat differently, rather thought-provoking, not in a very obvious, immediate way, but somewhat slowly, quietly, seeping into you... or maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just the past two episodes i've caught so far. i don't really know how to describe the effect of watching it, but it's a fresh change from the usual type "rupture of initial innocence" hongkong serials we've always been watching. anyhow, it's on, mondays to fridays, approximately 2.30-4.30pm, channel 55 on cable.

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