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19 November 2004 @ 02:13 pm
when you've been up there, you don't wanna ever hafta come down again  
22 nov, 5pm -- fna1002
23 nov, 1pm -- mkt1003
27 nov, 9am -- el2102
29 nov, 9am -- el2151

okay peeps, so here's my exam schedule, so you can stalk me. and yes, i know, i know, updates are getting lesser, and shorter, and not even any 'substance' in between... believe me, i can sense your frustration too! *hiak hiak* even so, my dear avid fans, please do not despair... for i shall be back... at the end of it all. i can go the distance!

oh, and ps: my studying is going horrendously. i'm gonna fail fna, flunk mkt, crap up for el2151, and probably also not do fantastically for el2102. and my tutor for ssa1201 is also probably gonna penalise me for not having done two of my 'compulsory' ivle postings. if i can even secure a 3.6 (for this sem alone), i'll be so glad everything's finally over; if i can equal my first sem's score, i'll be damn really-don't-deserve-it jumping-for-joy happy; if i can even just touch my second sem's grades, i tell you, i think i will 大请客, and 摆一个 (as shuqi calls it) 满汉全席 for everyone to eat <-- from this, you should know that it's impossible liao lah! you tell me, how can i ever hope to equal my sister?!?!

and pps: my sis and mum are returning from their short trip to hongkong this evening. i don't expect them to have bought any majorly exciting thing for me... though my sister did say that she'd got the vcd for "breaking news" (大事件) for me, 'cos it stars nick... but only as a minor character, i think. i want a drama serial with nick as the protagonist who also ends up the winner! ah, oh well...
Mood: crazy
Music: this is the moment -- erik santos
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on November 27th, 2004 05:33 am (UTC)
wah sounds like you must want botak's pic quite badly to use reverse psych on me huh. wahahaha... okay lah, seeing that you want it so badly, will give them to you lah. hiak hiak. but warning: he is no longer botak. heehee.
dreamerjarcheenta on November 27th, 2004 10:17 am (UTC)
errr.. you make it sound as if i'm the one having a crush on botak. thanks, but no thanks! i won't snatch with you.

you can have botak alllll by yourself ;)