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Ethical Philosophy Selector

My Results:
1. Spinoza (100%)
2. Augustine (93%)
3. Ockham (93%)
4. Aquinas (91%)
5. Kant (77%)
6. Mill (68%)
7. Sartre (68%)
8. Bentham (63%)
9. Epicureans (60%)
10. Prescriptivism (60%)
11. Aristotle (48%)
12. Nietzsche (40%)
13. Stoics (37%)
14. Noddings (28%)
15. Cynics (23%)
16. Rand (22%)
17. Hume (18%)
18. Plato (18%)
19. Hobbes (6%)

Something must have a desirable affect on man in order to be good
Must understand determinism of the world

Happiness is a union of the soul with God after one has died
Bodily pleasures are relatively inferior to spiritual pleasures
Philosophical reasoning is not the path to wisdom and happiness
A love of God and faith in Jesus is the only path to happiness
God is the one to allow people to practice the love of God
One must love God in order to fulfill moral law
People are inherently evil; only the grace of God (or is it merit to be saved?) can save them

God's Will is the only determinant of good and evil
Faith and revelation, not philosophizing, allow one to know good from evil

All life has a purpose
Meeting this purpose allows one to be happy
Happiness is to be found in the love of God
God's grace providing entrance into heaven creates the highest form of human happiness
Short of heaven, a person can achieve a more limited form of happiness through a life of virtue and friendship
Morality is not determined by the arbitrary will of God
Morality is derived from human nature and the activities that are objectively suited to it
The difference between right and wrong can be appreciated through the use of reason and reflection
Religious reflection may supplement the use of reason and reflection to determine right from wrong
Societies must enact laws to ensure the correct application of moral reasoning
Human nature is good because God made it good

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