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hey guys, yes, my exams have been over since monday. i've been hooked on the sims 2 and channel 55, and when i'm not, i've gotta do some housework 'cos my gran's still warded, so yati's gotta be over there most of the time. have only been having about one meal a day nowadays 'cos i'm pretty lazy... and also addicted to stuff to the extent of 废寝忘食, heehee.

i've fallen deeply in love with patrick tam and i really love him (wahah!) for reasons i don't hafta explain, except that the way he looked on the floor was... woah, indescribable... i've uploaded the video of the drama serial's theme song, so you all also can take a look at him, especially the part where he dissolved my brains. it's towards the end of the video, this part where the lyric subtitles go "前面的阳光" (in cantonese!), but must watch very carefully 'cos the scene goes by very fast. love that look of his! argh! is he married? he must be way older than even nick, sigh.

and i've also been catching little bits and pieces of alec su's 情定爱琴海. it's not very exciting, definitely not as exciting as seed of hope's patrick tam, which makes me long for 8pm/11.40pm every weekday, but i still quite like alec su... the 还珠格格 3 series without him (and the rest, of course) is simply ridiculous. i like the theme song of the show, which is supposed to be one of alec su's album's songs, isn't it? but i can't find it on the lousy imesh (or i don't know how to find), so if anybody has it, can send me pretty please? it's called 你是我的一滴泪 (i think).

with regard to the sims 2, i still have plenty of space left on my computer... right now, only less than 10mb is being occupied out of the 40mb available. and my pc isn't supposed to be like super fast or what, but i think it's supposed to be at least average bah, maybe 512 don't-know-whats. but even so, the game gets pretty slow and retarded at times (but it still managed to get me hooked). so, jarcheenta, i think you should get a new comp if you wanna load the game... even then, don't know how efficient playing the game will be... i kinda suspect that those gameplayers over at ea games probably use supercomps to game test, hmph.

alright, alright, the video... gosh, i'm really going crazy over him, he's really so adorable in this show, i don't wanna elaborate further, simply indescribable! *smitten*

seed of hope theme video (4.24mb) (link removed)

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