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mission trip

dear folks, in a few hours, i shall be at the airport, on my way to thailand. this past week of preparations, looking back, was probably not as intense and taxing as i had felt it to be... i'm just easily stressed out lah. :p whatever it is, well, it's too late to back out now; i'm sure (i think, i hope) things will go well and smoothly, so, please pray for us ah, bruce-style, whatever. :>

sorry and thank you to my dearests who have so graciously allowed me to pull out of all pre-planned activities the past one week without a single yuan4 yan2. will make it up after i get back. alright, i think i'd better go and get a shower already. i doubt i'll have the chance to update/check email/whatever in thailand, since our ultimate destination is a rural village up in the freezing mountains of the north.

so there. i'm apprehensive, so please pray. :)

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