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thank the lj system for my late update ;)

hey hey... how does this sound? -- "i sat for my sats last sat!" hee~ pretty interesting huh? (ps: no voicing of opinions except in agreement... or praise of my ingenuity!) hell yeah, anyway, i did sit for my sats last saturday... morning, in the vj hall... well, as usual, the math section was considerably easier than the verbal. this time, i only left two of the verbal questions blank, and none for the math as compared to last year -- one math question and several for verbal. i do hope my scores improve... ideally by at least 30... considering i remembered to bring my calculator this time round, and maybe with the stress level gone down... despite my severe lack of practise... i just can't seem to break out of ill-discipline!

t'was pretty exciting, saturday morning... taking the test back in the school hall, only this time in home clothes. ok, the most exciting thing really was spotting lippy sitting a few rows diagonally to the left of me... then i realised "ho" and "fung" aren't too far apart... i hadn't really counted on that... as in, i didn't think i'd meet the year ones at all, it didn't occur to me that they'd be taking the sats too, and most importantly, he hasn't been on my mind since school ended for me. in any case, seeing him again has revived some (if not all) previous... thoughts? feelings? i don't know. *grinz* i couldn't really stop staring at him throughout every free time we had (meaning toilet breaks and collection time... no, i was concentrating during the test). in fact he turned around to scan his surroundings several times and caught me staring a couple of times. actually i was trying to look nonchalant, as though i'd been staring in the distance for some time already, but when i caught his eye i couldn't help but feel my right foot jerk suddenly... and lotsa other involuntary actions. *sheesh* these were all probably very minor movements to everybody else, but at that moment i couldn't help but curse myself... i'm bound to fail a lie detector test this way! oh no... he looks damn cute back in his glasses... i bet i'm his only admirer 'tho...... *wistful sigh*

ok lippy aside, i also saw, to my amazement ('tho not utmost), jianxun. hmmm weird... he's two years older than i... i suppose it must have felt funny, returning to school two years later to take a test back in the hall. why do i see him everywhere? well, singapore's small, and we all live in the east. but i'd rather have seen somebody else (meaning his squadmate) instead. oh yes, and i thought i also saw a pregnant woman taking the test... a pretty uncommon sight to me.

later in the evening i went down to redeemer's again for the installation service. it was a really fresh experience, at a different church and all, yet so many familiar faces, especially the pastors. it seemed to me that my church members made up the majority of the congregation there that night, i'm probably right, and pretty proud of the fact too. it was sorta grand... i found matthias (pastor ang's eldest son) cute in the way he walked so slowly and deliberately up the altar as acolyte, and then the whole string of pastors following behind him to take their places behind the pews. i've seriously never seen so many pastors gathered at a service before... all the pastors i've known in my entire (short 18 years of a) lifetime were present: pastor lee my present pastor; pastor rita also present pastor; pastor lu of the chinese congregation; yang chuan2 dao4 also chinese congregation; pastor cheah who baptised me about 7 years ago; pastor ang of course, executive director of the lccs now; bishop john tan (is he considered a pastor?) and even pastor nelson, the first ever pastor i knew, except he was in home clothes 'cos he's long retired. there were all the other pastors of different congregations which i didn't know there too and everyone looked so extremely grand... and solemn... especially pastor lee... the truth's i was kinda scared.

the redeemer congregation, according to my new-found friend cum fellow-usher that day -- margaret, is rather small, so the chapel only consists of two columns(?) of benches... so only two ushers were required for the offering... how convenient. i was surprised that gabby gay's daddy and mummy attended... uncle richard smiled at me and gabriel's mum was looking very ci2 xiang2 as usual. later at the reception she smiled at me very encouragingly as though telling me to "duo1 chi1 duo chi"... i suspected i might hitch a ride home from them, but then rosanna offered pastor rita's car first (not that i minded!). made small talk with the adults (never knew i was capable of that!) and finally ended up in elizabeth yam's (the treasurer's) car with captain rajan and the driver, whom i assumed is e.yam's boyfriend or something.

well... it was a good day... nothing bad at all happened, and my sis' cell group's coming on tuesday... that's why the house the suddenly undergone massive springcleaning. now we know what can inspire my sis to tidy her stuff! the house has also emerged from a whole new makeover with: 2 new heaters, a new and enormous refrigerator, a new but smaller yet more powerful microwave oven, a new glass coffeetable, a new shoerack, several (count 4 or 5) fish tanks, a storage freezer, new windows and a whole new piping system!!! not to mention a whole new arrangement of all the furniture in the living room as well. amazing huh? we might as well have moved into a new house! i wish we did... *dream* guybrush's been doing well... he's been a really good boy since yati left (and returned) and i love love love love love love him! the end. say amen, those who agree.

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