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my house' lookin' unusually neat before the cell group comes tonight...

i just came offline from talking to gabby gay over the icq. i don't know if it's him who's become boring ever since he went over to die USA, or is it just me who's become dull and dreary from staying home too long without a job. i still think he's a super nice guy 'tho... making the effort to be so nice to this little kid here... chatting on the icq, calling and going out before he left, and even writing a postcard just 'cos i asked! emmeline wouldn't even have bothered! hmph......

well i spoke to emmel too thru the icq last night. that was before "miao shou ren xin" ended, before i went out with the parents for the new year shopping at ntuc which closes at 12 midnight during this period (it was rather fun btw). emmel is really funny in his own kinda way... usually not the high-end, intelligent, witty type of jokes... but the really impromptu stuff he says which he doesn't even think is really funny... and probably can't remember later either. like the reading about his nick in his boring e.eng books 'cos he knows nuts outside of that, and his dumb dumb coffee addiction and stained teeth and stuff...... careless and nonchalant as usual. it shows everywhere! in his speech, his writing, his gait, his everything... even thru cyberspace... that's a pretty marked difference from the usually deliberate me, having to ponder over every word/phrase/sentence/whatever for any double meaning, words hidden between lines... suddenly i feel like the virginia (is that her name?) in the passage which appeared in our sats test recently -- watching clayton so perfectly she could describe him to a tee. i wonder if i'd be able to do that too... not that i'd be ecstatic if i could... 'cos... you know, it isn't such a good thing afterall right?

guys aside, german yesterday wasn't all that easy. it's seriously getting harder and harder i'm afraid one day i just won't be able to catch up. i don't know if it might be 'cos i was still reeling over meeting vanessa... haha what with her new hairstyle and the terribly short time we had together only, not enough to finish our "agenda"... or is it 'cos i didn't revise before going today. half the time i couldn't understand very much of what my Lehrer was rambling on about. well, that's still pretty normal, but the new stuff we're learning is starting to diverge very much from the basic english that we can usually translate it into (know what i'm talking thus far?)... and that's pretty bad 'cos i need extra time to figure stuff out and commit them to memory, so it's becoming rather stressful for me. but still, not stressful enough for me to dread lessons and stuff... like in jc... econs tutorials. *grimace* ('tho sometimes they were fun too lah!) part of our haus aufgaben given yesterday was for us to go home and write an essay on "meine heimatland". can die!!! an essay??? i'm seriously freaked out by the mere utterance of that dreadful word... well, who wouldn't? having gone thru jc, and infinite econs essays... i suppose the arts people should know this feeling better. *evil smirk* oh well, at least it's just a 40-word essay... by the way the topic's "my homeland" and i know nuts about the geographical aspects of singapore. guess i'll be burying my head in the german-english dictionary and my SEA history texts pretty soon. *double grimace*

the song itself sounds rather gross but this part appeals to me in particular --

"...Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I'll do anything, girl you need only ask..."

don't ask me why, i think all females in their right minds will agree with me. *grinzzz*

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