a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
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i never loved one so deep :D

there is guybrush
sitting under the umbrella
pretending to be a pretty girl

guy is so cute
i just love him so

i wish i'd taken a pic
just so to show you
how cute my kitty kat is

you prolly won't agree
but that doesn't matter to me

'cos guy is just so cute
and i just love him so

please don't think this a poem
'cos it isn't so
it's just words
words words and more words

and if you read it thru
you might just come to see
that the words "just" and "so"
are repeated just so much

'cos my english sucks
and i just can't rhyme
today isn't an arty-farty day

so prose is fine with me
and i'm fine with prose

'cos guy is so cute
and i love him so
Tags: pix an' proems

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