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on fortune-telling

after disregarding everything else and going all out to play the entire of yesterday away, i'm like so gonna pay back the rest of this weekend, but still i can't say i'm regretting any single bit of it. the whole of yesterday (and two plus hours into today) was like a preview to life after the exams, and i so can't wait anymore! we should do so much more of this when the time finally comes! i'm so glad charisse came. really kinda miss our mission trip days (minus the pre-teaching stress, cold water, dark toilets, and bad acne). senny, you're gonna think i'm crazy, but those matthew-games are like so fun haha. :D

and after everyone else had been dropped off, we were still on the topic of mr. kiw and his weirdities when karen told me some horrible freaky scary thing about him actually encouraging the playing of ouija boards and something he said about them. wah, at that point, i was like so darn freaked out... i mean, all along, he's been the spoiler of everybody's fun, puncturing other people's basketballs and footballs 'cos they were playing around with it in school... and then when he chances upon a bunch of girls playing the ouija board in class, he says (translated), "well, it's much better than you all going around and doing other bu san bu shi de shi qing, ju xu bah, ju xu bah..."??? given that karen had previously managed to imitate much of kiw-shen's speech to a very high level of accuracy, i'd believe that this is probably very close to what he said, and it was firsthand information for her somemore.

when i heard it, i was really like, "oh my goodness, i'm so scared, all along he's been the spoiler of everybody's fun, and when it comes to what i feel is one of the evilest of all evils, he actually encourages it?! is/was he possessed? is he satan??" okay, all this sounds pretty extreme, but at 2.30 in the morning, when you've gotta consider taking the lift back up to your house all alone in the dark quiet night, you'd be damn scared too lor. so karen was just telling me, "don't worry, remember you're covered by the blood of the lamb", so all the way back up to my house, i was muttering to myself, "i'm covered by the blood of the lamb, i'm covered by the blood of the lamb..." i'm really a big scaredy cat deep inside. :p

i mean, i do know that i'm covered by the blood of the lamb, and that i'll be protected, if ever i do so suay-ly have to encounter such "supernatural" stuff. but still, i totally don't even wanna ever have a single occurence with such stuff. eew. when i reached home and spoke to my sister, i really really thanked God that because of sort of "strict" upbringing in these areas at home, i never ever dared touch any of such stuff like the ouija board, bi xian, fortune-telling etc. with the exception of occassionally reading horoscopes in the past and attempting once to see what the internet had to say about my horoscopic stuff according to my birthdate and time. which i totally renounce now. i promise i'll never touch it again.

you know, these stuff about horoscopes, i went to read, despite much severe warning from my dad that i should never. and when i remembered that, i was worried, in future, how'd i be able to educate my kids properly to stay away from all these, in the midst of so much exposure and availability to them? i mean, i've always been a pretty guai kid, i managed to steer clear from the majorly superbly wrong stuff in this aspect, yet i succuumbed for a while to horoscopes. what more my kids? though "my kids" are essentially non-existent at the moment, i already know full well that i would never, ever want them exposed to the dangers of such fortune-telling games. my sister ended the topic with, "we must really pray, pray, pray like crazy for God's protection over them".

today (2.30am, before i went to sleep), i finally saw the great importance in renouncing previous acts such as these; and i really really am very absolutely thankful to my parents, in this area, my dad, especially, for his strict teaching in this aspect, albeit perhaps instilling fear of God's judgement (but then again, i must argue that this is a healthy fear). despite all the complaints between my sister and i about our imperfect "supposedly-christian" family as we were growing up, i am thankful if he ever prayed specifically and hard for his children to be protected and steered clear from these. and although there's still much to be improved on, i'm so glad that the presence of God in our lives has healed my family and our relationships.

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