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01 February 2003 @ 01:54 pm
a 1982 case  
the tylenol murders

this makes a really interesting, yet saddeningly tragic read......

i'm particularly amazed at the profiling of the tylenol killer -- i mean, i wish i knew how the criminology/psychology studies pinpointed him down to such minute details of his life. and many a time, in previous profiling cases, they've been proven extremely accurate too... or are we just given information to their successfully profiled cases? that i wouldn't know... but i'd like to think otherwise.

reading, i wonder too, how they'd profile me -- what are the types of actions i make that'll enable them to identify certain of my character traits, my life's history, my upbringing etc etc. i wonder......

the last part,

"Ever know anyone like this? Certainly someone does, or did once.

Most people believe the Tylenol Killer will never be caught, and that this was an unsolvable crime. But consider the fact that the Unabomber now sits in jail, all because one person in the world recognized him in the published information. The Tylenol Killer is probably still alive, and as long as he lives there is still hope of solving this crime, because someone, somewhere, knows him personally."

i feel, is particularly inspiring, issuing some hope to a broken humanity.
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