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not a futile attempt, i hope

today, i braved the storm, the wind, and the rain, to make my way to the west für den letzten vokabeltest für diese semester. (aber das ist leider nicht mein letzte test für diese semester, very sadly; i have one more this thursday.)

it having been deathly sweltering in the east when i first embarked on my journey, i got the big shock of my life when the train emerged from the tunnel at redhill only to have the angry rain beating mercilessly down against the windows. when i finally got out at buona vista, i realised to my dismay that i'd missed the 95, which could possibly have gotten me to class in time, albeit wet from walking. so out of desperation, i flagged a cab, which, to my amazement, seemed very available at that time. all this was good, for i managed to get to class in time, and relatively dry as well. yay.

and all this time, i was suffering from a minor, dull, yet potentially crippling ache in my stomach, which had also affected much of my studying before the test, 'cos i just kept on wanting to cross and uncross my legs in the train, and ended up not getting all that much studying done as i'd hoped. poor us, females. angela was very wonderfully kind to offer me her strips of cherry and lemon maoam, 'cos she claimed i "need[ed] sugar", but herr chan insinuated that i was one of his nervensäger (me?! interessantes wort, übrigens) for eating in class, so i attempted discretion later on. heehee.

i am so so relieved that the semester is finally drawing to a close... this entry would probably sound perhaps a little dry and boring and uninteresting, 'cos i can't deny that i'm a little anxious to get over recent happenings and throw them behind once and for all. after some days having passed and much sleep (as i always say, things always seem a whole lot better upon waking--they just take on a sorta dreamlike quality), perhaps they aren't (gonna be?) as bad as i thought they were at first. mm hm.

actually, i really kinda hope that things will turn out okay once again, 'cos it can get pretty tiring and exhausting fuming over things, or people, for that matter. neither good for the mind nor health. and i should think, and really hope so, that i've gotten over fuming by sunday (theoretically yesterday). errr, so, if i dare so much as suggest, hopefully, everyone else will too...? :]

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