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i need the toilet now

princess buttercup: you're graceful and the guys go
crazy for you. you are very down to earth..you
are not exactly royalty..but you hold your own.
and who is these days anyway? you are the most
beautiful girl in the world

What Sort of Princess Are You, Bitch?
brought to you by Quizilla

unfortunately, guys do not "go crazy for me", and neither am i "very down to earth"... i'm not the "most beautiful girl in the world" either, too bad. *grinz* thanks anyway *double grinz* the icon/pic/whatever was nice. *laugh*

i've plenty of stuff to say, plenty to update on, but time constrains, as usual... it's to the big auntie's (direct translation: da gu gu) house pretty soon, 'tho angbaos have already been collected over at my house yesterday.

da gu gu says the husky's got super stinky breath... must be his glands or something. gerald claims he lost 4kg coming back to singapore, kevin was so absorbed by gambling that he missed going home with his own family (ridic!) and clarence's baby chloe's 6 months only but so enormous (no further comments shall be ventured here heehee).

well it's their turn to host tonight so i only touched on them in my entry today... so long!

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