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14 April 2005 @ 05:03 am
when hunger pangs strike  
proof again that i'm still awake and being a good girl. eating tuna and biscuits despite quite disliking the taste of tuna, or sardine for that matter. can feel an ulcer coming to pay a visit in no time. tomorrow i get back german oral and second semester test results, and do my marketing test worth 20% of the entire grade. apparently there's a mini-project-presentation during german class tomorrow too--totally unprepared. at least tomorrow no tuition. tomorrow, i can sleep. tomorrow, tomorrow, it's today already... today, i calculated the ideal cap. looks pretty gloomy; a bit scared; don't wanna disappoint. hai, don't know what to say. much to live up to. which i also have the zi zhi zi ming to know i can't reach. but it's okay lah, can take it. :]

the increased frequency of my updates are supposed to inform my avid fans that the exams are fast approaching. should i post the exam timetable for stalkers to stalk me again? i probably will, soon. all the best with closed-book research methods in a while! :) know the difference between closed-book and open-book? closed, because it's closeD; you oughta have closed it before starting on the exam. open, because you open it; it doesn't have to be openED already, you can open it anytime. good reasoning? haha. my sister wakes in half an hour; i wake in three and a half. i really should be going...
Mood: dorky
Music: dao dai -- jolin tsai
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on April 14th, 2005 12:21 pm (UTC)
turns out it was a totally informal "presentation". last day of school for the semester. i feel that this sem has been much more relaxing than the last. hope to pull my cap back up, but it seems a little difficult, now that i have less to place my hopes on, since i only have three exams. but i could do without the stress. :)

it's strange i don't feel a wee bit sleepy, considering i've slept a total of less than eight hours the past two (or three?) days. after i went to sleep this morning, i had a really weird, out of the world dream. it wasn't really the dream itself, it was the feeling... i've never experienced anything like it before, it felt like i was swirling around hovering just outside of my body (i was asleep in my dream). i think there was an overwhelming sense of a good "being" in the dream, but there was also evil. actually, i think it was pretty scary. truth is, in my dream, i was speaking in tongues while i was supposed to be sleeping in bed (which was exactly what i was doing while i was sleeping!). and each time i spoke, i felt like my mind was swirling 360 degrees outside of my body, just above my bed (like when you're giddy, but much more extreme). i even held on to the side of my bed so i wouldn't fall off. and i even kinda remember the words i spoke right now, i was just repeating this phrase over and over again in the dream. and when i woke, it felt so real that i wondered if i really spoke in tongues in my sleep. it was all scary, yet not scary, if you know what i mean.

maybe it was just the lack of sleep.
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on April 14th, 2005 02:53 pm (UTC)
i just realised, to my immense horror and utmost dismay, that i still have to go back to school for ONE hour of donohue tutorial tomorrow. i can't miss it again 'cos i overslept last friday and this tuesday's lecture and didn't collect back my comments on thai verb phrases (which i know i won't get a great grade for). if i said i wasn't sleepy just now, i'm like super duper exhausted right now, and because there's tutorial at ELEVEN AM tomorrow, i'll have to stay up again to work on the essay instead of completing it when i wake tomorrow morning. and there's tuition at night so i won't be able to sleep much in the afternoon when i get back either! WHINE