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when hunger pangs strike

proof again that i'm still awake and being a good girl. eating tuna and biscuits despite quite disliking the taste of tuna, or sardine for that matter. can feel an ulcer coming to pay a visit in no time. tomorrow i get back german oral and second semester test results, and do my marketing test worth 20% of the entire grade. apparently there's a mini-project-presentation during german class tomorrow too--totally unprepared. at least tomorrow no tuition. tomorrow, i can sleep. tomorrow, tomorrow, it's today already... today, i calculated the ideal cap. looks pretty gloomy; a bit scared; don't wanna disappoint. hai, don't know what to say. much to live up to. which i also have the zi zhi zi ming to know i can't reach. but it's okay lah, can take it. :]

the increased frequency of my updates are supposed to inform my avid fans that the exams are fast approaching. should i post the exam timetable for stalkers to stalk me again? i probably will, soon. all the best with closed-book research methods in a while! :) know the difference between closed-book and open-book? closed, because it's closeD; you oughta have closed it before starting on the exam. open, because you open it; it doesn't have to be openED already, you can open it anytime. good reasoning? haha. my sister wakes in half an hour; i wake in three and a half. i really should be going...
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