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其实... 不知道应怎么面对

din tai fung for dinner with family before challenger to get antivirus update. and then we were supposed to have ice-cream at swensen's but my sister the spoilsport refused, so we all had to go home and i had to be content with two coffee buns and a bottle of 凉茶 instead. grrrrrr. (to be continued if i have the time later) (give up)

i've promised myself to visit the chinese restaurant at centrepoint again after the exams. the place has nice cheap good chinese food (价廉物美?). haven't been back there for more than a year, i should think. and given the rapidly changing landscape of our little island, i wonder if it's still there in the first place. is it really the food i miss? the leisurely evening air? or the company?

除了你 我还在思念谁
寂寞却喜欢 把整个我包围
让伤心的回忆 通通都给化成灰
其实自己脆弱 不知道应怎么面对

等著你 来温暖我心扉
爱情不知不觉 地不翼而飞
那不用醒后 日日夜夜为你心碎
我一辈子都会 为我的愚昧而后悔

陈晓东's 不想睡 (3.13mb) (link removed) (sorry if graffiti's being a lousy host)

27 apr, 9am, lt16 -- dsc2006 operations management
27 apr, 5pm, sheares' hall -- el3207 child language
29 apr, 9am, as1-03-01/04 -- el3201 morphology and syntax

and yes, my exam schedule, as promised. stalk me for all i care. --signing off, 19 apr, 12.28am

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