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long-lasting consequences of a photo

hey, tell you all a super big joke.

just now i was getting a song via msn from jicong my fellow pirate when he said something like,

"eh just now i went ktv with merv teng teng and kwan aik leh".

to which i replied something to the extent of,

"wah lau go out with my husband again".

then he went and cut-and-pasted that part to somebody, who also happened to be online at the moment...

...and guess what??

that super bhb person said something like,

"...... not funny... kekeke"

of course that wasn't the funny part, other than the fact that he laughs like a chicken, wahahaha. but do you all realise that the super funny part was that, i didn't even say which one of them's supposed to be my "husband"?? wahahahahahaha!!! this is darn ridiculous. pity i don't save msn conversations and i closed the window before i could remember to save it or i'd post it here. rotflol. eh but no offence to merv ah. but thankfully i don't see him, or i might get my neck wringed out. :p

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