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at the most two more updates before i leave off

where and how i've been spending time since exams ended (part two):

gave charisse a belated birthday surprise downtown, apparently tim almost got himself killed on the road, watched the interpreter (nicole kidman was uber cool), went for cell, charisse and senny came to stay over, and we talked 'til charisse started hallucinating and we started to fall asleep past seven. ben has officially risen to uncle bernard status, hopefully he doesn't start snoring like uncle bernard, though. hiak hiak.
secretly videotaped and snapped pictures of a sleeping senny, they went down with me to collect my status letter from school, bumped into weiying and olsen, could hardly finish thirty jiao zis without nodding off or developing a stomachache. slept from 6+ to 9+, woke up to supper with senny, a very nice baocheng sent us home. developed a mini-headache and had great difficulty falling asleep; dreamt a lot i can't remember.
weiying's belated birthday celebration with mee hoon kueh at shuqi's house. only thing i can say is yum yum, yum yum yum. (and ian's brown pointy nose is so super amusing, wahahaha!) went parkway to get everyday with jesus, but was outta stock 'cos i was late in getting it this month, so i had to get something else instead. :< well, may it turn out for the better. came home, napped an hour, went to hell for tuition, had supper with dad, and here i am typing.

tomorrow, which is saturday, i've got tuition in the morning and then alpha in the evening. this is the day-to-day report of my life, hopefully to satisfaction. much more to say, but meant for ears, not eyes. 'night, and to whom it may concern, hurry home! hand hquickly! hemingway hmisses hyou! hand ha whole whole hlot htoo! :)(:

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