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shi er lou

after ben had dropped me off just now, i was waiting for the lift to come take me up when a middle-aged man who was walking along saw me and, it seemed, suddenly changed his direction and turned right to wait for the lift as well instead of walking straight ahead to goodness-knows-where-he'd-originally-wanted-to-go.

at first, i was just standing there, waiting, and didn't really take notice of him, until, out the corner of my eye, i thought i saw him keep on looking and looking at me. i don't know why, but i was struck by a sudden fear, and for the first ever time in my life, i picked up my mobile and dialled home. as i was waiting desperately to get through, i turned around to walk behind him and perhaps secretly take a closer look... only to meet his eyes, to my fright. i quickly averted my gaze but he continued looking and looking on at me. i wondered if it was because he'd guessed the reason i was using my phone.

he had very black slicked-back hair, a pretty normal face except for something that looked vaguely like a very light line down one side of his face, and was quite okay-ly dressed. but i'd never seen him around before... or maybe i never noticed, i don't know. as the lift door opened and we had to walk in (i still went in 'cos i didn't want him to think i was afraid), yati answered my call. and as i was saying "hello, i'm downstairs coming up now. open the door for me hor, thanks ah.", he was still staring intently at me. i was wondering if he was thinking to himself, "do i really look so much like a bad person that she must call home for help?" i didn't mean to, but i don't know why, i was just quite freaked out.

he pressed the button for the twelfth floor, then i pressed the fifth floor button and hung up the phone. wah, at that time, i was so damn scared i could feel my heart thumping away so madly, i wondered if i was trembling. it got so bad i had to lean heavily back against the lift wall, which caused the lift to shake a little, and even then, i kept on feeling that he was still observing me, and pretty intently.

finally, i got out the lift at my floor and bounded up the stairs home. man, you don't know how relieved i was to be back. and my heart didn't stop thumping for a long time after i'd related the incident to my dad. (i mean, i gotta explain how come i so da pai call home to demand that the door be opened for me right?) maybe i was being paranoid, or maybe it was my super active imagination taking over, but i just didn't want anything like the few previous incidents to happen again. silly as this sounds, thank God i reached home safe and sound. maybe there was no cause for worry at all, but still, i don't think i've felt so freaked out for a long time already. not good for the heart.

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