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what shall i say? results? not worth celebrating over, but not all that disappointing either lah, though i must admit, i was kind of sian diao after seeing them. well, i did hope to do better, but i guess, i can't expect too much also. everybody's nicks on msn at the moment are about expectations, and how one shouldn't push them too high for the fear of the falling further--inspired by the release of our results, no doubt. they're only bad if you've got a strong predecessor to live up to.

well, at least now i know mark didn't hold my cutting his classes against me. or perhaps, he might even have enjoyed them! who knows? somehow, group a modules have never let me down; i sure hope they never will. and herr chan likes me about as much as frau niemann did, yet not as much as herr kim! and madalena liked me a little less in 3201 than in 1101 (and actually, i really felt that way in class), but still, not too bad lah. oh, and my biz lecturers don't like me at all. or can't stand me. or simply abhor me. haha, i'm sure you all know all this is just a joke, and that i don't seriously believe that my grades depend on how much my lecturers like me, right??

now, i'll effectively be spending the rest of my next sem pondering over whether or not to finally apply to let go of the minor, though i only have two mods left to go, sigh. as senny kindly analysed with me this evening, it won't really make all that great a difference to me bah, except, maybe, i'll like school better? at least, i'd have a couple more spaces for language and lit, which would also serve to pull back the cap those biz mods have destroyed. if i don't drop, the difference is between a second class lower and an upper (i think)... but i only wanna equal my sis, i don't wanna beat her. but i have my other considerations too lengthy to be discussed here.

next topic--i'm sick. shall i describe my mucus? i was flipping through a book at mph earlier today, feeling perfectly fine and clear-nosed, when, out of the blue, a little blob of something wet trickled down my nose and...... no lah, not the book. i caught it in my palm, was very embarrassed, quickly wiped it off with tissue, and looked around to see if anyone saw. it looked like nobody was paying me any attention. i sure hope so. i'll always remember those people on the roads i see while i'm seated atop buses, who look around them a bit before sticking their finger up their nose and investigating its contents really enthusiastically, all the time not having the slightest idea i'm just above them, watching on in perverse disgust.

wenn du sagst, dass du unsicher bist, bin ich sehr, sehr verängstigt, was du meinst. remember that curiosity killed the cat. it would be way, way better, for some, if you don't understand what i'm saying, not to try go find out. meinst du, dass du wählst zwischen zwei frauen noch, oder dass du nicht weißt, wenn du eine frau magst? wenn es der erste ist, dann muss ich wirklich dich aufgeben; wenn der zweite, dann habe ich noch wieder angst, dass ich nicht die frau bin. sad. by the way, i've always loved piao bai de xin, and have fallen in love with it again, thanks to femdog. :)

when i have stuff on my mind, and they bother me, i play the sims. their lives seem a little less complicated than mine, their feelings less complex. a little is an understatement. where i play God, their lives are perfect to me, because the "freewill" option is but a farce. their mere existences aren't marred by sin, and where sin exists, i was the one who made them do it anyway.

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