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but what they see isn't what i get!

i haven't lied. what i told them was the truth. if you're angry or depressed, and i'm one of your chu qi tongs, surely i, too, have the right to be pissed and frustrated, surely i, too, require an outlet. whatever i said, i said without malice. i'm tired of always being blasted at at home, having you transform into a totally different mood the moment we step out, and then facing it all over again the point we get back. you always wreck up my moods and then people ask why i'm in such an angry or sombre mood when we meet others, not knowing that it's your mood i'm reflecting or just trying to accomodate. i've wanted to say this for the longest time. i didn't because of various reasons. you're wonderful at other times but you really piss me off here. ARGH!

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