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of names and alphabets within

my journal's name: reverie in transit

in hobbit: Goldie Bolger of Newbury

in elvish: Órelindë Cúthalion

there should be no doubt by now that elvish names are always the more elegant and better-sounding of the two huh. not that i extremely take to that Órelindë Cúthalion name... just that i'd grab that over Goldie Bolger of Newbury anyday... it sounds crude, and what's worse, fat, sweaty and boisterous!

ok ok i can almost hear everybody going "how the hell do you hear and picture how a name sounds or looks on an actual person? this girl must be nuts!" well, i might be tottering on the very edge of insanity, but stuff like that still hold true -- see, too many "O"s in the middle of names can make people fat... with the addition of "B"s and "G"s, especially right beside the "O"s, increase the impression of... obesity? *cheeky grin*

think of a big fat goldfish... think of goldilocks (and the three bears)... bring to mind anything good? well i don't like goldfish... neither do i like greedy girls with bouncy golden locks of hair... blame it on reading too much enid blyton books and stuff. oh yeah, and greed starts with "G" too, and boisterous starts with "B". so what does a greedy, thus fat (minus jughead jones), person combined with a bouncy boisterous personality get?? naturally sweaty... haha!

thanks for having read 'til the end of such crap! *loud guffaws fill the air*

ps: someday, perhaps, i'll explain how my name puts me, occasionally, on the brink of insanity (coming from the "MA" in madness), and how i developed a certain fondness for mushrooms (read: fungus)... *uncontrollable giggles escape*

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