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sentosa 2 jul 2005

my fave bod spots of the day

a thing for trees

we tried all ways and means to scale the slippery tree but i think the nan dui's caterpillar method was the best of them all. well at least it made the best picture. *grin*

when i showed a couple of my friends the nan dui tree pic, they both asked about the guy right in the middle, haha! lemme introduce--from the left on the tree: mervyn, shaowei, guanyi, weixiang, jicong; and jingyang's the only one standing.

more pics from my photosite stolen from femdog's photosite.

and after i sorrowfully left the squadmates, i headed for the carribean for the bbq i was supposed to attend, was elated to bump into zhiling on the way so i wouldn't end up lost in that jungle of buildings, and then promptly jumped into the wading pool and ended up playing frisbee (again!) there. what do i think of mark? mmm yeah i think he was pretty cute. the end. :D

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