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10 July 2005 @ 11:37 pm
of books and brief account of past event  
over the past week, i bought ernest hemingway's for whom the bell tolls, the book i've wanted so bad to own so long dating back to oliver's daddy's days, and terry pratchett's only you can save mankind, a very good youth fantasy, and a pink mango top i won't be wearing so soon and will probably end up on my sister anyway, and a bunch of other stuff like plenty of expensive cat food, which delivers cold piercing stabs of pain into my poor fragile money-minded heart every time i think about it (especially when guybrush's digestive system's about as efficient as mine, if not more).

friday night/saturday morning was very fun. since everybody's already updated and you won't wanna hear yet another account of the exact same stuff, i'm spared from "report writing", haha. those who didn't turn up don't know what they missed out on, hiak hiak. *goes away to laugh silently for a long while* eh, suddenly i remember, last time somebody told me, um cheo hui zhong nei shang de, is it true?

so sorry i couldn't make it for bike hike tonight/tomorrow. my gran got admitted into the hospital for, um, a lot of stuff too lengthy to talk about here, and i thought it'd be a bit bad of me to go out so late again so soon, and also quite a bad time for me to ask my dad lah. did the guys go in the end? hope you all had fun. :[ wish weixiang didn't hafta go back so quickly and wish ntu didn't hafta start school so fast :[

i'm getting tired of stealing (taken by) other people's pics and uploading them on my yahoo photos, so pics can be found linked from winkibo. i think zhenqi was the main photographer that night (dnp board head mah!) so i was, erm, pretty surprised there were more solo ones of yingni than there were of me. strange hor. why ah? how come ah? demoted to 2.34N. hmph!

realise my entries are getting less and less frequent and more and more boring. mmm. i actually have plenty more suo suo sui sui wuliao stuff to say, but never mind. jicong, i finally managed to finish your eragon... it was not too bad, but it can't beat wheel of time, but i wouldn't mind reading its sequel, but i won't buy it. *hint hint*

a list of (only some) other books i'd like to read include:
  • counting stars (david almond)

  • coraline (neil gaiman) yes, zq, keep that on your wishlist. when i'm rich, i shall get that for you, then you can lend it to me when you're done with it. hehe.

  • sparks (graham mcnamee)

  • sarah, plain and tall (patricia maclachlan)

  • a buncha robert cormier books

  • hitler's daughter (by i-dunno-who) this book i not only wanna read, i wanna own it. but i can't find it in mph anymore. sob.

at times like these, i wish i were rich. wenn ich eine Millionärin wäre...... (this sentence can't be continued 'cos i forgot all my grammar liao.) if i were a millionaire, besides books, i could get myself the "Tun Sie es einfach!" shirt, haha! (clue: that's the german motto for my fave brand)
Mood: chipper
Music: the sweetest days -- vanessa williams
the doob: aliasfemdog on July 11th, 2005 03:50 am (UTC)
now why does everybody think i have a crush on yn?
i took photos of her because i was playing around with the camera and needed some test shots, and she was right in front of me mah. i still love you. *looks at you with innocent eyes*

haha thanks for wanting to give me coraline. i would very much prefer one of his sandmans though. coraline i can buy myself then lend you. btw if you like terry pratchett, you will probably like Good Omens, a story he wrote with neil gaiman when they were relatively unknown. a hilarious read... i think i might just buy (just for the sake of collection) and lend it to you too. suddenly i'm so enthusiastically promoting neil to you. :D
(Anonymous) on July 11th, 2005 05:18 am (UTC)
now tat weixiang is going back & NTU is starting school next week...i can finally have you all to myself....WHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...