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happy birthday, senny!

your present is... (absolutely wu liao and very unrelated)

...my answers to five random questions from five random weeks of thefridayfive:
1. Who was your first best friend? (15 jul) ben aka little x.

2. If someone gave you $1 Million, no strings attached, what would you do with it? (8 jul) i'd take a thousand bucks out of it for a trip to kino's, borders, times, mph, then a series of nike shops (will give adidas some consideration also lah), then get some stuff for friends, then finally go home and let my dad deal with the remaining $999K, sitting at his side suggesting new places we could move to. alright, i'd tithe ten percent of it too lah. and i'd give the someone who gave the money to me a little fifty-cent thank-you card, haha!

3. Can you share a tale of a favorite summer cookout/get together? (24 jun) it was 2003, before school started for any of us, before ntu peeps had to move into their "ghetto". we picnicked at the usual place, discussing topics and issues now trivial to us, spied upon the very-almost-naked-man-tanning-on-the-beach, climbed the very low tree which was still relatively free from angry red ants back then, played soccer with an empty plastic bottle...... it all seems to have taken on a rather dream-like effect now.

4. Blanket/bed hog? (17 jun) definitely! be warned! i hog more of the blanket than the bed though.

5. If you could go back to one age and stay there for a while, what would it be? (3 jun) age four.

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