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for the love of making lists

stolen (and revised) from lit_addicts, of which i'm not a member:
Number of books owned:
  • that's really an impossible question to answer. a rough estimate... 500?

Last book bought:
  • james and the giant peach (roald dahl)

Last book read:
  • the silver chair (c.s. lewis) [the chronicles of narnia book 6]

Just finished:
(in order of the most recent)
  1. the cat who went to heaven (elizabeth coatsworth) buddhist story of an impoverished painter whose kindness granted his cat entrance into heaven.

  2. a pilgrim's progress (john bunyan) [abridged]

  3. we all fall down (robert cormier) the regrettable consequences of many different people's deeds at many different times that can affect many different people. cause and effect. like dominoes.

  4. counting stars (david almond) his somesort childhood biography of growing up in the country within a close-knit catholic family.

  5. the voyage of the dawn treader (c.s. lewis) [the chronicles of narnia book 5]

5 books that mean a lot to me:
(these are my five faves, but in no particular order of preference)
  1. guess how much i love you (sam mcbratney) if you follow but one link in this entry, please follow this... it's a toddler's picture book, but i really, really love it because it's so touching and true it makes me wanna tear but in a nice sorta way.

  2. the four-storey mistake (elizabeth enright) a family of four city children who move to the countryside and discover lotsa everyday adventures there.

  3. the finding (nina bawden) a boy, abandoned as a baby, then adopted, threatened by the possibility of tracing his roots, runs away from home. surprising, but this book shaped a lot of my life.

  4. the complete chronicles of narnia (c.s. lewis) teaches me something new, something about life, something about aslan, every book i read.

  5. the wheel of time series (robert jordan) mat, you're the classic example of nan ren bu huai, nuu ren bu ai.

More books that mean a lot to me, but didn't qualify for top 5:
  • socks (beverly cleary) story of a kitty cat with socked feet by the author of ramona quimby, henry huggins, ellen tebbits, otis spofford etc. etc., whose worlds i indulged in at a corner of the old bedok library years ago.

  • a bear called paddington etc. (michael bond) another series of library books i used to read. and when i say paddington beats pooh hands down, believe me.

  • the story of holly and ivy (rumer godden) an orphan girl who loses her way to the children's home and ends up wandering the streets on christmas eve, falls in love with a doll behind a shop window. a very heartwarming christmas story of wishes come true.

  • the ring o bells mystery etc. (enid blyton)

  • the adventures of the five find-outers (enid blyton)

  • a pack of lies (geraldine mccaughrean) in the world you write, your words are right, are truth, are fact. and they sure aren't a pack of lies.

  • danny the champion of the world (roald dahl)

  • the wonderful story of henry sugar (roald dahl) i actually tried the candle trick. at the end of it, all i got was a headache, and i still couldn't see through cards.

  • boy (roald dahl) biography of his own childhood.

  • to kill a mockingbird (harper lee) "run, scout, run!" the one thing i love jem for--he put his kid sister before himself. that one sentence was so poignant, i think i teared in class. but of course, i love the book for a whole lot of the other themes it touches upon.

5 books that I'd like to read:
(again, in no particular order of preference)
  1. hitler's daughter (jackie french) fiction within fiction, i think. a home tutor weaves her charge a story about hitler's daughter, if he had one in the first place. quite a difficult book to locate in bookstores, it seems, but not ex. if you love me, buy me it before i lay my hands on it myself.

  2. sarah, plain and tall (patricia maclachlan) a dad advertises for a wife and mother.

  3. all quiet on the western front (erich maria remarque) about world war one. introduction: This book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure, for death is not an adventure to those who stand face to face with it. It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war.

  4. harry potter etc. (j.k. rowlings)

  5. knife of dreams (robert jordan) [the wheel of time book 11]

More books that I'd like to read, but didn't qualify for top 5:
    (that i already have, stashed away somewhere, yet unread)

  • the last battle (c.s. lewis) [the chronicles of narnia book 7]

  • alice's adventures in wonderland & through the looking-glass (lewis carroll) i'll prolly hafta read this for school some time anyway... which effectively makes it much less appealing.

  • just so stories (rudyard kipling)

  • nine stories (j.d. salinger)

  • for whom the bell tolls (ernest hemingway)

  • die kinder aus bullerbü (astrid lindgren) a classic children's story in german. its description sounds a little like the four-storey mistake, which is why i bought it in the first place. i even bought the film, which was created way back in the 70s or 80s, i think. kewl huh.

  • the silver sword (ian serraillier) world war two fiction about the lives of four children during and after.

  • a place i've never been (david leavitt) reviews say, "...vast complex mosaic of human experience and emotion..." apparently discusses alternative lifestyles etc. a book for the humsup person i am.

  • the diary of a nobody (george & weedon grossimth) an english comic literature. i bought it to check it wasn't my diary they were publishing.

    (that i spied somewhere sometime during my solo adventures in bookstores)

  • sparks (graham mcnamee)

  • coraline (neil gaiman)

  • throwaway daughter (ting-xing ye)

  • the power of one (bryce courtenay)

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