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hi, i'm now in big trouble 'cos i've suddenly got a serious clash in my timetable due to the cancellation of a whole buncha german tutorial slots. of course, things aren't all that bad as my words make them out to sound (which shouldn't at all come as a surprise to you by now), but it's kinda last minute to inform us that we can't take the module now, isn't it? and i think bidding's gonna end pretty soon and would there in the first place still be space in typology for me to squeeze into? this is all extra bad 'cos i'll actually hafta drop german first before i can even try bidding for typology, so i can't be sure at all. and besides, i just busted about 57 bucks on merely the textbook and the tiny vocab book today. thank goodness the big dictionary was outta stock today, that'd have really killed me... so, mark, looks like, perhaps, i'll be coming to you after all...

actually i'm s'posed to already have taken and passed the zertifikat deutsch at the goethe-institut last year. (only up 'til now they still haven't sent it over yet.) that's the exam the students in german 5 are supposed to go sign up and take at the end of the module. even so, from that very short one hour meeting we had yesterday, i could tell that everyone was like so way, way, much, much better than i am in speaking the language! (told ya my grammar kicks butt but i can't speak to save my life.) and i was seriously starting to have second thoughts. so, well, maybe this'll all turn out a good thing after all. :)

i'll be keeping you updated.

sorry i won't be commenting or replying stuff very soon 'cos right now all i've got time for is to type this out, check the ivle and cors (those are the school systems) before i go get my compulsory, absolutely necessary, beauty sleep or i won't be able to wake in time for tomorrow.

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