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during this short time i have online before i go shower and send joooanne off (although actually i'm also a very busy person and shouldn't be affording this time for her, haha), just wanted to update that i've dropped LAG4201 German 5 and successfully got EL3212 Language Typology for an amazing one point... turns out there were still 59 (outta the original 75) vacancies at round 3D. apparently mark scared practically everyone off his modules last semester and i'm one of his few avid fans left, haha! last night, i smsed this classmate of mine (darrell) to check if he was doing typology too and if there was still space in the class, and his reply was that he'd be crazy to take another one of my idol's mods. and then today, he asked if i were doing mark's level-4000 module. well, i'd be crazy if i did that! haha, now the whole world knows he's mine! *cackle*

hm, so far this week's been alright, lah. pretty good, actually. i made a new friend today. i was copying out this little booklist onto a more presentable slip of paper for the co-op uncle to read from, when she just came up and said she'd seen me before in english class, and we spoke and found out she does german too! german 3, and then she asked for my number, so we exchanged. she's taking typology and literary stylistics and semantics and pragmatics too, so maybe now i've got a group to join and another friend to collect stuff from when i cut class, hehe. and so i got my update on typology class and mark from her as well... mark pontanged the first lecture on wednesday and got another lecturer to spring them a quiz (again... think he does this every sem)... which means i've gotta email him about it some time soon... so exciting!! (you do know the "exciting" part's a joke, right?)

lectures thus far have been pretty interesting. critical discourse analysis made me sit up a bit and got me a bit disturbed about the stuff she said... about power bases and ideologies...... SHUCKS. YINGNI JUST CALLED ME AND SHE'S ON THE TRAIN AND PASSING EUNOS ALREADY, SO, FORGET ABOUT SHOWERING, I GOTTA RUSH! FINISH THIS ENTRY WHEN I NEXT HAVE TIME!

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