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... so, where did i leave off? well, cda (critical discourse analysis) class got me a little bothered at the mention of the (re)production of power differences--something about 'i push you down so as to stay up'--i've finally found a name to this state of mind. it just made me a little uncomfortable that we scrutinise this theory(?), this everyday occurrence i hate with a passion, in school. it's the same as the time you found out, in marketing, that dissonance is the legitimate term for that horrible feeling that you've made a wrong choice only after you've made your purchase. only, maybe, i don't have a personal grudge against dissonance.

and she went on to make me all hot under the collar by saying (to the class), do you feel oppressed? are you feeling oppressed? who is oppressing you? what is oppressing you? at that, her questions really did force that feeling of oppression upon me, and i really felt i had to open my mouth and take a deep breath in... you know, i can describe oppression to you--oppression's that feeling i got whenever i entered the vj library, and all was quiet, and everyone was just mugging away at their stuff, and those fiction books, precious, yet lifeless on their shelves, nobody even sparing them a glance, 'cos they'd nothing really to do with school anyway; and then you feel the entire space around you, the stillness of the air, they just all close around you, and you wanna stoop, you wanna bend down, lower your head, close your eyes, close 'em tight, and cover your ears... that deafening silence, it suffocates, you wanna breathe, but you can't, you can't... that's oppression. that's oppression, i tell you. i hope i communicated that across well.

and that wasn't even all she said. plenty of what she said set me thinking about stuff, but i guess it's too much, and its contents a tad too heavy and unsuitable to be discussed here. sigh. i'm like a reformed cynic, still unsteady, sometimes not too sure where i stand. i seem to see sense from each side, yet when you put everything together, the sides seem to clash, yet i can't really tell where the line of reasoning went off. some people call that a lack of intelligence. or wisdom. whichever sounds better.

semantics and pragmatics (let's call it s&p from now on) class was interesting. he related the true story of the guy, derek bentley, who, while being held down by a policeman, told his friend, christopher craig, to "let him have it, chris". chris, armed with a loaded revolver, then shot at the policeman. bentley was then hanged for murder on the basis of his utterance, despite it having been ambiguous--had he meant for chris to shoot the policeman, or for chris to hand over his gun? and this, while craig escaped death sentence for being a minor. i found the story on wikipedia, you can read the whole thing here. i know i said the class was interesting, but i nodded off about fifteen minutes into the lesson.

... so, hereby ends my (supposedly) twelfth august entry. (and begins my fourteenth august one.)

if you notice, four of the above five paragraphs begin with words that would traditionally not be acceptable at the start of written sentences, how cool. happy is the day you can flout the rules with confidence, teehee.

by the way, do you see me looking any fitter of late? haha, i think i'm developing power abs, okay! only, i still seem to have a lump of a tummy, so funny! (rhymes!!) i'm even listening to the dino's place songs at home. i think they play the whole abba album when they need slightly slower music. know how i know? i have it at home! haha!! oh, and something really embarrassing--you know the "calcutta" song? i thought it was "gakuka" 'cos of the horrible way they were singing it, HAHA! so totally embarrassing!!! lemme share one of the nicer abba songs, and my fave part of the song's lyrics... (alright, maybe they're not very totally appealing lyrics, but i really totally like the tune at the point these words play!)

We just have to face it, this time we're through
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go

-- ABBA's Knowing Me, Knowing You (3.66mb)

*squeeky soft toy voice* hello rina! just checking if you're still hanging around. and shun bian test your eyesight as well. heehee.

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