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my lit stylistics lecturer announced today that i frequently visit his module website. freak out! i think i must have given a very weak and horrified "i do..?" the class snickered and one of the guys said, "must be she wanna click on mark's, click wrongly lah!" so paiseh! like everyday nothing to do go his website mug his notes lidat. so terrible! didn't know lecturers could track their students' online movements this way. aiyoh, so scary! looks like he won't be seeing me on his web stats so often anymore. haha!

i'm still sick and coughing to death, but panadol cold seems pretty effective. my nose stopped running (i shall curb the lame joke potential by making mention of it here) the day after i took one of those. or maybe it'd have stopped whether or not i took it. either way, as aslan'd go, one can never know what could have happened.

channel 8's gonna be showing the third series of my date with a vampire (我和僵尸有个约会) sunday nights 11pm! fantastic! finally, more and more actually-worth-watching shows on tv! and did i mention they're currently also showing ups and downs on the sea of love (十万吨情缘) channel u wednesday to friday nights 10pm? i've watched that series for about a total of, erm, four times, and my fave episodes span from about episodes six through eleven. is tv really getting better, or is it just me and school? mm...

oh yes, and i finally got my new set of earphones already! so i can plug in and stop reading so voraciously on my way to school now! yay! saw yongsai at arts canteen lunchtime today, so occupied with two girls that he didn't see me. tsktsk. :p

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