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of linking music to personalities

from thefridayfive:

1. List five people and a song that reminds you of them or that you think best describes them (list the person's name, the song title, and the song's artist).
daddy: tell laura i love her by i-dunno-who. when i was at preschool age, we had a nightly routine of going to the coffee shop at the market opposite my place. one night, there was only me and my dad, and as we were walking from the pau shop to the coffee shop, i think we heard the song playing in the pau shop. so he told me the story of the song and taught me how to sing it while we were sitting around at the coffee shop, him drinking his coffee and me, my kickapoo or something. it was the first real adult song i learnt; the first song that taught me to associate real human meanings and feelings with songs (prior to that were probably only songs like i'm a little teapot and such). also, first song that actually made me feel sad for it.

lee: 死了都要爱 by 信乐团. a 敢爱敢恨 song for a 敢爱敢恨 person.

little x: you and i both by jason mraz. 'cos it was the song replaying and replaying when i fell asleep on the bus.

shihua: 拥抱阳光 by 张学友. somehow it just seems like a very shihua type of song... very cheery, smiley, and full of positive energy.

squadmates: 放心去飞 by 小虎队. because everything the lyrics describe.
2. What would your life's soundtrack be?
the joseph: king of dreams soundtrack, especially david campbell's You know better than i, 'cos He really does.

3. Which would you prefer: to live somewhere that is hot or to live somewhere that is cold year-round? Why?
cold, 'cos it's darn hot over here, it's kinda cool to have all that variety of cold clothes, and you don't perspire all that much.

4. Suppose you had twins, a boy and a girl. What names would you give and why?
oliver and emily or julian and joy. just because.

5. What's a quote/lyric that describes you right now?
i was a key that could use a little turning... from soul asylum's runaway train.
i love the musty smell of passing showers in the night. oh yes, by the way, here's my schedule.

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