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phonology of the pendau language

i'm pretty pleased with myself i managed to complete the paper way before twelve, though by the time all that editing and printing came through, it's almost one already. sorry to those whose smses i've yet to reply. to the one person who didn't reply my sms today, i'm heartbroken, sob sob. the dining table's in a big great mess with my worksheets strewn all over and i haven't showered. heehee. and i've been abstaining somewhat successfully from neopets since the beginning of the week. wallete* sleeps like an angel baby and my ulcer seems to be healing. happy birthday to arthur, my little ex-tutee.

脱鞋 is a verb while 拖鞋 is a noun. how interesting. well, of course, i'm sure you could say that actually 拖鞋's a verb as well, if you're dragging your shoes across the floor or something. according to the s&p forum on ivle, a letter in the straits times forum came out today on whether it's 'on the bus/train' or 'in the bus/train', and why we say 'in the car/cab' rather than 'on the car/cab'. but then again, i say them all... does that mean i'm grammatically mistaken? *horror* this should be of interest to the person who stumped me before with the question... also the person who didn't reply me the whole of today. sob sob.

*pronounced wall-let, new name for wally, ever since we started suspecting he's female.

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