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i wish, i wish!

alright, that i'm updating excessively and obsessively during the exam period's a fact i can't change and won't be changing any time soon, so no use resisting it either, haha. before i go take a quick shower and leave home, let's spill some of the random stuff that's been in my head for at least the past couple of minutes.

i can't wait for old things to end and new things to start! i've always been a very forward- and backward-looking person--前面, 后面, anywhere but the present... which isn't like the most fantastic trait to possess, but i'm not complaining (and don't care if you are, heehee). can't wait for so many things! but ah well, 等不及也得等. :l

i'm still not getting the bulk of the replies to my comments, but thanks, smallbully, for the recent comments link, which enables easier tracking. realised that it should probably be a purely lj problem, but lj_maintenance readers have pointed out that gmail seems to be a tad slow these couple of days, and i don't know if it's my imagination or what, but i got logged out of msn twice out of the blue last night, file transfers are snail-pace-slow, page transitions (or whatever you call 'em) also seem a bit retarded, and i can't log into a forum on a site. is the world coming to an end, or what?

okay, from the above paragraph, the random reader should have come to the accurate conclusion that i haven't really been studying at all. err...... *change topic* my new favourite instrument is the saxophone! it seemed to me, just now, that i had substantial random rubbish to write about, but now, it seems i've run out! and i really should be running to the shower now, anyway.

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