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spiritual oppression in thailand?

i went to bed at about 4am. when i fell asleep, i had a dream, or maybe it wasn't really. something, or someone, was pressing down on my comforter, on my face, almost smothering me. i struggled, in the semi-conscious state i was in, to free myself. somehow, sometime, i came to realise that it was something bad, something evil. i struggled to call out to my Lord, call upon the name of Jesus, but i couldn't, and no voice came out of me. i struggled to say things like, Jesus, God, help me, i believe; i struggled to tell that thing, i'm christian, Jesus is my Lord, i wanted to ask it, why, and how dare it.

eventually, after some time of croaking Jesus, Jesus in my sleep, God must have come to my aid, 'cos i could no longer feel the pressure of that evil presence upon me. but at the same time, i was also impressed with the feeling that God wanted to tell me something. i don't know how i knew, but i felt that God told me to pray for the places we had visited in thailand, to pray away the evil spirits oppressing those areas, the land is His and His alone. i felt like He was saying, we had been there and had prayed for so many things, but had perhaps neglected this; perhaps we had been oblivious to the sense of heavy spiritual oppression over there. together with this message, in my sleep, i was told to refer to a passage in the bible and that it was of great importance. the passage i was given is Luke 8.

of course, when i finally woke in the afternoon, i wasn't totally sure of myself, even now, truth to say, i'm not really. so of course i didn't immediately wake up and flip to the bible. in fact, it took me a while to remember i'd had a bad dream. and it was only in the shower that i realised that i ought to really go look up luke 8 and see what it's about. it didn't take long for me to read "Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out". that's not a very flattering thing to blog about, is it? hm. that would be me and my bad past of being a naughty, disobedient girl. but what was the point of the entire passage? (okay, i get it, the fact that my name is there confirms that it wasn't just any old dream.) but still, there are so many sub-chapters to luke 8. there is a story about the demon called legion. what could He be saying, apart from praying away the demons in Thailand? is there supposed to be a link? and what is my role in this? is there a daniel or a joseph out there, who can perhaps help me decipher this?
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