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see your name everywhere!

from fridayfiver:
1. Age?
twenty-one, going on twenty-two

2. Sex?
nope female

3. Location?
the euro-centric east

4. Single?

5. How long have you been doing the fridayfiver?
about two years now, i think
from thefridayfive:
1. First time you cooked for someone else?
sec two; some of you know what, why, and whom for

2. First time you threw up in someone else's toilet?
don't think that ever happened

3. First time you did anything illegal?
i think i attempted littering at the age of six; a sweet wrapper it was

4. First time you saw snow/the ocean (whichever is more exotic)?
must have been in new zealand, and both, age six again i think

5. First thought when I say "crumple-horned snorcack"?

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