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20 February 2006 @ 12:36 am
lmdxyuvw in that order  
al, it was a comfort to find out that you too, are human. your khao, still unscalable, yet not so foreign anymore. strive 不到也得 strive; if only to appease my envy. if anything, it's your passion, as with em d.'s, ekswai's, etc. i admire.

as much satisfaction as was derived from admiration, so was there from scoffing. you, wee dubliu, i only ever remember every single thing i wanted to say to you, when i get home. and i think you would have wanted to know too. see lah, problem with not expanding the thread. so much for your hengness, hmph.

my next two days are liveable 因为你. goodnight, and phop kan may.
Mood: content, somewhat
Music: 古巨基 & 张柏芝 - 直到爱上你