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being broke

hey sorry i just haven't been up to updating my entries... what with all that excitement of the a level results, the elation of not having failed the whole thing after all, celebrating, eating out all day long (and draining my wallet of the entire month's allowance), chatting on the phone wee hours of the night, i could just go on... and on... and on... and on......

well i'm like totally busted now... *geesh* oh by the way my previous sentence didn't mean that i had a boob job done *hahahahaha* yeah i'm like super broke now, down to like minus-dunno-how-many-bucks, and somebody just so happens to owe me $14.50... and what's worse? not even half the month has passed!!!

i'm like keeping eyes and ears open now for a total low-commitment, ok-pay job... but chances are slim, considering my picky-ness... if it's an admin. job, it'd better be super low-commitment (like 2-3 days at most)... if it's a sales job, well i don't think i'll qualify very well... best is if it's just a tuition job with some small cute kid, i really don't mind primary-schoolers, in fact i prefer them, 'tho the pay's significantly lower.

was seriously considering relief teaching, but then i don't think i really wanna subject myself to a class of noisy smelly kids... haha. but then the pay's like super good!!! but then i still don't think i'm very enthusiastic about relief teaching... and the lack of interest outweighs the pay... ok lah what i seriously totally want (or need) is fast money... FAST!!! tell me......

i'll update about my results when i have more time than to just keep typing random sentences (i have obsessive compulsive, remember?) and to those who've already updated on results, and all whom i have yet to reply your comments (namely zhenqi), congrats!!! (congrats i haven't replied your comments? ridic...) ok ok getting chased off the computer already. 'til WE meet again! (private joke)

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