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a real update, finally!

okay, this' gonna be an update for the past half-month, so lemme sort my agenda out first... 1) a level results (yeah i know, totally out-of-date topic already!), 2) 14th march with squadmates, 3) 15th march with classmates, 4) actual birthday......

so... a level results... on second thought, maybe i'll make that a friends-only post... *grin* the idea of announcing my results publicly so that even people i don't know can see it too, doesn't really appeal to me, see... too bad for voyuers huh. ;> besides, all my friends posted their results friends-only too! (getting a tad defensive haha)

14th march was xiaoying's birthday, not that i spent it with her... but we were very close friends in upper sec, so i won't forget her birthday. i messaged her in any case, which she didn't reply haha. met up with yingni at bedok interchange last afternoon to go downtown. she bought a nice pink sleeveless billabong shirt... for herself... then we headed for kino (kuniya... realised "kino" is also german for "theatre/cinema") to get my book! on the way, there was this $2 note lying on the floor, so i picked it up. having discussed such a situation before, and not being an absolutely moral and greedless girl, i stuck it into my pocket and walked away. nobody's name written on it anyway, i checked! *smirk* so we went and found the book i wanted--wheel of time book 7: crown of swords... robert jordan, in case anybody wanted to know. and as we proceeded to the counter, i donated that $2 to "my birthday present fund" so as to lessen my poor squadmates' burden... see, nice right?!

after which we sorta walked around looking at clothes in zara and guess until erqing called, and we went to meet her and zhenqi at somerset. erqing's got a $7/hour job helping to manage some conventions at suntec... pretty cool huh? (the money, i mean) and zhenqi's shirt sleeve's velcro strip kept poking yingni... sportsgirl, i remember haha! xinlian amazingly arrived on time (!!), although she'd said she'd be late rushing down after her driving lessons. we went to the heeren marche for dinner... nice plan i (or yingni) came up with, 'cos marche enables everyone to pay their own share. (cunning!) everybody tried to trick me into paying while i was slightly distracted making stupid jokes about bernard low, this ex-vjc econs tutor... we met him and his wife having dinner there too, thought they were supposed to be in UK or the likes... we had to walk past them when we were leaving, and bernard low had his eyes fixed on vanessa, then he spoke to his wife and the wife looked at her, then at us all. funny, 'cos there were 3 vj people there and he only looked at vanessa, and she claims he doesn't know her...... that was when she said "i pretty mah!" and i came up with the really plausible joke that somebody was staring at her photo in class during econs and it was confiscated by bernard low, civics tutor, so he memorized her looks... haha damn funny i think!

it was to taka square (is it?) after that, where we sat at the side of that fountain-like structure and talked crap, which is like really typical of us. 'tho besides crap, we also talked about unis, courses and stuff... and driving, where zhenqi's too short to reach the pedal, and xinlian's gonna hafta chauffeur us all to school next time. after erqing had to leave to meet her othe friends, we played our communist game. i was the first to make the first mistake, sigh... kena tricked by those cunning people lah. after a while, zhenqi and i sorta reached an ally and at one point, wanted to trick yingni into saying something individual... unfortunately, we didn't succeed. but hear this! after a while, out of the blue, she just said "ich bin laden" to me... which is german for "i am laden"... which is damn ridiculous... hahaha stupid joke! i couldn't believe my ears... she voluntarily made that mistake!!!

ok i realise it's kinda weird to end the above just like that, but i see i've already typed alot, and i needa go on to 15th march heehee. that day was the day of the openhouses--nus, ntu and smu. it was a sweltering day (sounds like a pri sch essay?) and it took almost 2 hours from home to nus... now i know why my sister pons all the time. senny and i made it to nus just in time to hear the arts talk end *sick!* and we had to sit through a really lousy biz ad talk, then went to the law talk where the professor speaking had a hearing aid round one ear and was mumbling throughout. we were saying perhaps his hearing aid was too powerful, he didn't realise we couldn't make out his mumbles at all! then rina arrived and we attended the engineering talk... after which, i did feel like going for the 4pm arts talk 'cos i missed the first one, but it was too damn humid and crowded and noisy etc, besides it was only 2pm, what had we to do between? so we decided to leave...... and as we were flagging for a cab, we saw teng ren... (and sam, which isn't important) either he (teng ren) remembers we were from the same pri sch, or he thinks i've got a crush on him. rina and senny think sam looks better... that day, yes, but in all, no. :) and leonard beats all hands down haha!

senny, rina and i went for lunch at marina, bk. i love the fries with the mayonnaise there... how do you pronounce mayo anyway? MAY-oh or MAI-oh? whichever way i pronounce it, the bk people always look shocked, stupefied, confused and all... WHY?? then we had some fruity stuff at this not-too-bad place called goshen or something, where they played jap/korean drama music. there was the "2000 nian zi lian" song i used to keep playing on the piano too... oh jin cheng wu... damn shuai...... *snapping out of it* yah and we met up with shuqi at city hall at 7pm and they presented me with a cute little cushion which says cutie pie (describing me of course!) and some food stuff rina got in genting and wheel of time book 8!!! book 8 is path of daggers... haha my friends are all so kind! funding all my reading materials... *wide wide grin* at first we wanted to fish & co but there was a queue, so we headed for the place called hooked on pasta, at the sky garden area. (yes, zhenqi and yingni, hooked on pasta is the place that salesguy tried to make us buy some discount card at plaza sing the other day) the food was good, and we saw the 00S42 senior class guys--enwei, david khor, j10 etc.

after senny had to leave for home, rina, shuqi and i took a walk to city hall where they decided to trick me into thinking shuqi left her handphone at some bubble tea counter... this time i've gotten smarter from that experience where weiying and shuqi stole my watch and made me think i lost it. haha... i knew there was some catch... i mean, the shop was closing, so if shuqi had left it at their counter, they'd have come rushing after us! and shuqi didn't even fumble in her bag or what when she announced she'd lost her phone... dumb right? haha! i was starting to get apprehensive when rina led me to starbucks claiming that they'd called leonard or ken, ian and sukiang to come... not that i believed her for a moment, i was just afraid they'd waste a precious cake smashing it in my face. then shuqi CALLED rina to say that she had LOST HER MOBILE! can you believe it? ridiculous! i'd have committed suicide if i was taken in by them at all haha. then we saw duanxin and a couple of his friends... uh-oh another pri sch guy... i'll never forget his comment about my "flat hair"... pretty comical. he raised his eyeborow at me, since we don't know each other well enough to say hi. some people are just gonna be sooo jealous... ridic!

and rina came up with this funny joke saying they'd arranged duanxin's table to switch different vj people every 10 minutes, all for my birthday... haha i wish! then they led me to this dark place outside where there was this really cute small teardrop-shaped cake with a candle. it was really nice, thanks, thanks, again! :) i got to eat the whole small cake myself haha and it got my hands all chocolate-y... and because it was getting late, they went with me to queue for a cab so i could reach home earlier... and guess what?? ken, ian and sukiang were behind us in the taxi queue!!! nuts! especially when not 15 minutes ago, shuqi and rina were joking about calling them and dumb stuff like that. i was actually quite embarrassed... shared a cab home with the 3 of them in the end, they paid after many jokes (no i didn't force them!) and ken kept apologizing for forgetting my birthday. sheesh... i didn't expect him to remember anyway, but just had to meet them the day before argh!

reached home slightly before 12 to find out that my family had shifted the computer from the master bedroom into our (sister's and mine) room!!! wow!!! now we've got everything in our room but the fridge! damn cool! haha... only setback's that the sister's gonna be typing her thesis with the lights on all night long. anyway i wrestled the computer from her that night (yeah, birthday or not, makes no difference) and was pleasantly surprised no, thoroughly elated, that some guy graced the occasion enough to grant me a nice long funny chatty converse. *cheers!* i guess that made my day... no, i think that made my whole week! perhaps i'm nuts, perhaps i'm not... it's my birthday and i'm entitled to as much as that! yay!

my birthday itself, i got 2 angbaos, one from each parent, there being nothing for them to buy this year... good in a way, money, finally! have i already told the world that my entire month's allowance was ka-put within the first week of march? that 'cos before 6th march, i seriously thought i'd fail the a's... which means end of the world... so might as well splurge...... and after 6th march, with the little money left, spent the rest 'cos it wasn't the end of the world as i'd thought! on the 16th, besides church, and then suntec with my parents to take a look at the IT fair to scout out a laptop, i didn't do much. i was so spent by the time i reached home (slept at 3am, woke at 8+ for 2 consecutive days) that i just snored the rest of my day off in bed. i'm so glad i haven't got school (minus german) and no work and nothing... since i've got some more allowance to pass the rest of my month now, the idea of getting a job for some money doesn't bother me anymore!

oh well... the sister's chasing me off the comp again... i guess my birthday doesn't last all week, does it? :> will reply comments and perhaps get an update on my results asap haha i know i keep promising... i'm lazy and ill-disciplined, remember? kk, thanks all!

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