April 8th, 2003



"yi ke ai ni de xin, shi shi ke ke wei ni zhuan bu ting; wo de ai, ......"

anybody know this song?

go to this site for the tune...

ignore the chinese words that keep scrolling out; or read it, translate it, and tell me what it's all about. *grin*

i watched the hours with rina and senny today. i wore a skirt, and had great difficulty walking like a sissy in the girly slippers. my mum has given me her blessings to get the $67.60 dress from clothes publisher. i love life.


oh. and i bought the melancholic nail polish from esprit. all that consideration for just $5... worth the satisfaction, i guess. now, to sell those ugly jeans off on some site so i won't needa feel guilty the rest of this year... my first regretted purchase, somewhere in february. i am a fool buyer.
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