May 26th, 2003


a fine mood turned sour... thank lj for THAT!

finished crown of swords today. miscalculated by 11 days. but then, procrastination has always been my forte; and ill-discipline, my stumbling block. i give myself up to mid-june for path of daggers. the speed with which i take to complete that depends on the amount of distraction i'll be subject to. now, i'm patiently awaiting ken to present me with my long-belated winter's heart. i just hope i get my hands on it before i finish book 8. :)

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my agenda for tomorrow:
12pm -- meet rina at city hall to scout for shuqi's prezzie (which is really a compilation of ah xing's info in a big ring file... haha)
2+pm -- rina and i meet senny somewhere
6.30pm -- meet xinlian and zhenqi at tampines for matrix reloaded, the movie i know nuts about; going only because i'm unable to resist zhenqi's wiles and charms... can you believe it? she's so cute, she tugged at my sleeve and said "go lah, go lah, 'cos i can't go crawling back to my classmates now..." guffaw!!!

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