July 15th, 2003


the miscellaneous songs of dhsnp years ago...

the sister's back from batam. i got a bottle of morning dew cologne. nothing that/which(?) can't be found in singapore. but something's something and that's still something. :)

my mum was just clearing some stuff when i chanced upon a stack of some relatively old chinese song lyrics... Collapse ) *self-satisfied grin*

anyway, i'm currently a little more than halfway thru book 9: winter's heart. i'll most definitely get book 10: crossroads of twilight, once i manage to get one parent, any parent (ie. mine), down in a bookstore. the paperback version's out and that's certainly much more affordable than the hardcover one. way to go!

oh, and the digicam and scanner are currently down and i don't know howta fix that 'cos it keeps saying that the comp can't find some "TWAIN" thingy... any help??? and i've yet to install that deutsch software my dad bought either.

*edit* ps femdog: las vegas is baking! 46 degrees celcius... wow, better weather indeed huh... was it a joke, or is that guy truly clueless?
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