November 1st, 2010


the one thing i think my parents did most right

i'm generally in a good mood today. it's not that i currently have no frustrations, worries, fears, whatever; it's just that... i'm generally in a good mood today. and it may possibly be related to this.

i think one of the things in life i'm most thankful for (most of the time) is probably the fact that i have a sibling... a sister... or more specifically, this sister. she is, very honestly, one of the most insightful, understanding, knowledgeable, balanced, morally upright, and kind people i know. of course, she has her failings--i think she has a hole in her brain which makes her a sleepyhead and one of the most forgetful, careless, messy, disorderly and clumsy people in the world... which can really piss me off at times. but overall, the pros outweigh the cons lah.

like i said, it's not that i have no frustrations, worries, fears, whatnot, nor that i am currently the most satisfied with life. on the contrary, many things have been weighing on my mind that i cannot adequately or sufficiently express here. but, yes, maybe having a sister does make one somehow more resilient in dealing with the many stresses of everyday life.
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